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Dynavap WoodWynd – Vaporizer

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Dynavap WoodWynd has arrived, bringing the wood of yesteryear into the future with a modern, elegant design complemented by titanium! We invite you to enjoy a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity with the Dynavap WoodWynd dry herb vaporizer, a product that combines vintage wood styling with advanced smokeless vaporization technology.

Ispire The Wand Dynavap

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The Ispire Wand™ creates a safe and easy experience by eliminating the need for a torch.
Using borosilicate glass with an induction heating method, The Wand™ is able to precisely heat your device to the click every time without the need to rotate your vaporizer.
Once it's at the ideal temperature, take the perfect hit.

Dynavap M Plus 2023 – starter pack walnut

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The latest version of DynaVap's flagship "M" dry herb vaporizer.The "M" Plus ™ features the first finless tip for rapid heating and a more pronounced air field for easier airflow control.

DynaKit Maintenance – Dynavap

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Maintenance by Dynavap

Maintain the appeal and performance of your DynaVap device.
DynaKit is ideal for keeping your appliances clean and spotless.
DynaWax will help lubricate O-rings for assembly, as well as serving as an excellent wood conditioner.
Both types of O-rings are supplied in the event of loss or breakage of the condenser and/or tip of your unit.

Dynavap M Plus 2023

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Dynavap M Plus features

The latest version of DynaVap's flagship "M" dry herb vaporizer.The "M" Plus ™ features the first finless tip for rapid heating and a more pronounced air field for easier airflow control.  

Cap Armored – Dynavap

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The Dynavap reinforced cap

This upgrade includes a permanent cap enclosed in a stainless steel housing. Designed for flashlight users, the shielded lid* glows when heated slowly (no rotation required) and is able to extract completely in 1 to 2 heat cycles. Volume more higher for a operation more longer and more deeper.

The BB3 Grey | Dynavap

A revolution at dynavap! The BB3 Grey has a gray glass midsection with 3 blue beads inside to improve vapor diffusion and cooling. The BB3 comes with a stainless steel tip and captive cap.

The M PrisM Color 2022 Dynavap

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The M

is the latest variation of the VapCap "M" 2021 from dynavape 100% medical grade stainless steel. With a new purple and black color and new engravings, this version of the VapCap is the new product of the fall at dynavape. Its use is the same as other dynavape, this version is responsible for bringing a touch of exclusivity to your favorite vape!

Orion V2 DynaTec Induction Heater Dynavap

Specially designed for Dynavap VapCap vaporizers, this portable induction heating system allows you to heat the cap of your Dynavap vaporizer in only 5 to 8 seconds. The Dynatec Orion V2 charges via USB-C and makes it easy to warm up your Dynavap and dispense with a vertigo torch lighter, making it even more convenient to use the VapCap.

The B Black Dynavap

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New at Dynavap in 2022! The B Black Dynavap has a silicone outer tube which is a first for the vaporizer brand! Still based on the same principle of manual heating, the other components of the B Black Dynavap are still made of stainless steel. The B Dynavap is the gateway to Dynavap and was designed for beginners who want to join the Dyna-move!

Mouthpiece – Dynavap

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The fat mouthpiece is a silicone accessory that fits onto the end of your Dynavap vaporizer. It connects your Dynvap VapCap to a filter or water pipe via a glass gasket.

Cyclone Triple Torch Dynavap

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The Cyclone Triple torch lighter from Vertigo is ideal for the use of dynavap vaporizers. Equipped with a large, transparent, refillable fuel tank. Without butane!