Ispire The Wand Dynavap


The Ispire Wand™ creates a safe and easy experience by eliminating the need for a torch.
Using borosilicate glass with an induction heating method, The Wand™ is able to precisely heat your device to the click every time without the need to rotate your vaporizer.
Once it’s at the ideal temperature, take the perfect hit.

Out of stock

Out of stock

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Perfect for more than one use.

Originally intended for cannabis concentrates, more specifically for dabbing*.

However, this tool also works perfectly as an induction heater with Dynavap products such as the “M “, Omni B series VonG and BB’s. You can easily adjust the temperature to perfectly light your cannabis.

Whether you want to use this utensil for dabbing or flower smoking, you’ll get quick and easy ignition during your smoking session.

In just a few quick steps, you can achieve the perfect hit! Simply press the FIRE button 5 times, set the temperature, place the induction zone of the wand on the cap of your Dynavap product, and BOOM you’re ready to go.


– Portable vaporizer
– Heat is generated by induction
– Ideal for dry plants, resins and concentrates
– 4 Heating temperatures ideal for plants (combustion possible for bong enthusiasts)
– Temperature range from 120 to 430°C for concentrates
– You can choose between manual mode (on request) and automatic mode.
– USB-C charging
– Can be used with all types of bubblers


*Dabbing involves vaporizing a concentrated form of cannabis, such as wax or oil, and inhaling the resulting vapor.