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CBD e-liquids are designed to fill your vape. They are available in a multitude of different flavors, as are their CBD concentrations. Whether it’s the raw materials used or the extraction processes, our e-liquids meet the most exacting quality standards, because as you already know, at CANNAHOUSE, we only offer the best!

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E-liquid CBD Amnesia – Marie Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
TheAmnesia Marie Jeanne, inspired by the most famous variety invites itself to Marie Jeanne to make you rediscover its flavors in a quality e-liquid. Let yourself be tempted by the characteristic acidulous aromas of Amnesia. Available with several dosages of CBD, the e liquid Amnesia is guaranteed without THC.

E-liquid CBD Gelato – Full Spectrum – 50ml

 29,90 44,90

Flavor: Cannabis

Distillate 1500mg and 2500mg
50ml capacity

Distribution of cannabinoids :
CBD: 87.39
CBC: 1.14
CBN: 0.95


E-Liquid CBD Red Berries Marie-Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
A subtle blend of red fruits and wild berries in your electronic cigarette. Lovers of sweet flavors, this flavor is for you!

CBD Lemon Kush E-Liquid – Marie-Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
Find the unique flavor of Lemon Kush with our CBD e-liquid. This hybrid variety, a cross between several cha varieties, is known for its tart citrus notes and slight earthiness. We knew how to restore them to you wonderfully in a CBD e-liquid of high quality.

Supreme Booster CBD 30ml – Marie Jeanne

 19,92 31,92
With the Supreme Booster CBD 30 ml Marie Jeanne it is possible to prepare your own e liquids with CBD made in France by the specialist Marie Jeanne.

E-Liquid CBD Fresh Mint – Marie Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
If you like to have a feeling of freshness when you vapote, the e-liquid Fresh Mint of Marie Jeanne will fill you. A slightly spicy flavor with the characteristic scent of this aromatic plant.

E-liquid CBD Sunrise – Marie-Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
Want to relax while enjoying a sweet and fruity flavor? The e-liquid sunrise is a clever mix between a Melon, sweet and juicy, a Pineapple, fresh and slightly acidic and a Peach Vineyard as sweet in the mouth as tasty.

E-liquid Booster CBD – Marie Jeanne

 10,90 18,90
You want to make your own CBD e-liquids? It is now possible with the Marie-Jeanne CBD Booster! Available in three strengths, this neutral booster (without taste) is intended to be mixed with a neutral base without nicotine and a concentrate of flavors. So you can concoct your own CBD e-liquid by choosing the concentration and taste yourself!

Supreme Purple 30 ml – 1000mg – Marie Jeanne

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This E-liquid CBD Supreme Purple of Marie Jeanne is composed of natural terpenes of hemp. This famous variety is known for its very relaxing properties. We find here the very green flavors of the flower, with a light touch of sweet terpenes. This bottle is 30 ml and in CBD rate of 1000 mg.

Supreme Mango Blue 30ml – 1000mg – Marie Jeanne

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The E-liquid Supreme Mango Blue from Marie Jeanne focuses on tropical flavors. Discover a CBD liquid with a tropical flavor, consisting of a ripe mango and sweet blueberries. If you like fruity vape, this liquid will suit you perfectly. This bottle is 30 ml and in CBD rate of 1000 mg.

E-liquid Super Skunk – Marie-Jeanne

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A true tribute to the 90's, our Super Skunk e-liquid offers you a vaping experience with a striking realism. Find this variety of hemp cult and its typical sweet and slightly earthy taste. Available in several dosages of CBD, our Super Skunk e-liquid is guaranteed without THC.  

Supreme OG – 30 ml 1000mg – Marie Jeanne

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Taste the new E-liquid Supreme OG of Marie Jeanne. A natural and authentic flavor of hemp, with powerful and original aromas and a slightly woody taste. This bottle is 30 ml and in CBD rate of 1000 mg.

The range ofe-liquids CBD Marie Jeanne, whose reputation is no longer to do, offers a quantity of differente-liquids simply huge, why deprive yourself? For the purists, the e-liquids Colombia, California, Malana & Patagonia are enriched with the highest quality natural organic terpenes available on the market. If you are a fan of the cannabis aroma, these flavors will quickly make you forget all the e-liquids you have tried so far. For those who pay more attention to the effects than to the flavor, you should know that our range of e-liquid have concentrations of CBD that range between 100 and 1000 mg for bottles of 10ml, not to mention the booster containing 500 to 1500 mg of CBD. The THC content of our e-liquids is 0% , and they all naturally comply with the legislation in force in Belgium in addition to being guaranteed nicotine-free, alcohol-free and without compounds of animal origin. For those who want CBD-free e-liquids, we invite you to drop by one of our 4 stores to discover the mixologist and create your own custom-made CBD-free e-liquid, with or without nicotine!