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Activecann Heating Massage Gel – 75ml – Annabis

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The Activecann gel is composed of hemp seed oil and colloidal silver. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3-6-9. It contains a unique and effective combination of 16 active ingredients. The red pepper extract and cinnamon create a warming effect when massaged into the skin. For sportsmen, it is an ideal complement during the muscular warm-ups before the sport. This gel is also effective after sports activities, physical exercises or daily activities. Its massage helps to soothe and relax muscles and joints. Thanks to its consistency, the gel is easy to spread, it is non-greasy and the skin absorbs it easily.

HO KARAN – Detox Deodorant – 50 ml

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This deodorant does not yet have the power to remove all sources of stress, but it spares you the worry of uncomfortable odors. Enriched with cannabis terpenes and purifying zinc, it is naturally effective and respectful of all skin types. Its green and invigorating fragrance will accompany you all day long to stay fresh and relaxed during a maximum of activities.

Natural Toothpaste DENTACANN- Hemp and Activated Charcoal – 100g – Annabis

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Dentacann natural toothpaste gently whitens teeth and provides complete care without foaming. This toothpaste can remove the dirt and pigmentation caused by, for example, drinking coffee, tea or red wine, and thus gradually restore the natural white color of the teeth. Dentacann is fluoride-free but contains the natural mineral Kalident, which strengthens tooth enamel. Thanks to its various active natural substances, including charcoal, hemp extract, coconut oil, cloves and mint oil, it leaves teeth perfectly smooth and clean. At the same time, it fights cavities and removes plaque. This toothpaste is made with naturally gentle abrasives to provide the best care for your teeth.  

La Vie en Vert Home Fragrance 100ml – Ho Karan

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An indoor mist with cannabis terpenes associated with the air of Brittany to detoxify, purify your home and dissipate the bad waves.

100% natural origin. fragrance

Cremcann – Silver Face Cream for acne-prone skin – 50ml – Annabis

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Natural hemp cream with silver citrate for local application on the face, also suitable for acne-prone skin - non-comedogenic. Omega 3-6-9 unsaturated fatty acids, combined with plant extracts and silver citrate, take care of your skin. The cream soothes and nourishes intensely, promoting clear skin. Cremcann Silver is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Atocann Nourishing Hemp Cream – 100ml – Annabis

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Atocann is a body moisturizer with a high hemp oil content. Its components refine, soothe and nourish the skin. This cream is suitable for sensitive skin and especially for people suffering from eczema. Regular application can significantly improve the overall condition and appearance of the skin. The cream can be used all over the body as well as for facial care.

Activecann Massage Gel – 75ml – Annabis

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The Activecann gel is composed of hemp seed oil and colloidal silver. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3-6-9. Activecann gel contains a unique and effective combination of ten active ingredients. It lends itself perfectly to the application on precise zones such as the articulations, the muscles, the tendons or the back. Simply massage it lightly on the skin to feel the soothing and relaxing effect, whether after a physical effort or a daily activity. Thanks to its consistency, the gel is easy to spread, it is non-greasy and the skin absorbs it easily.

Neocann Elixir HA – Anti-aging serum – 50ml – Annabis

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A true masterpiece for skin care. The unique combination of ingredients dedicated to anti-wrinkle actions provides you with a quick lifting effect, which soothes the skin and provides anti-aging care, as well as Hyaluronic Acid, which is known to moisturize, fill in wrinkles and contribute to overall skin rejuvenation. This formula associated with our Hemp seed extract, provides you with a serum that reduces premature skin aging and discoloration.

Q10 Refreshing and Soothing Gel – Venecann 75ml – Annabis

Soothing gel with hemp and coenzyme Q10 provides a quick cooling of the skin and a soothing sensation. Venecann Q10 gel is suitable for the whole body and more specifically for the legs. It is perfect for elderly people who suffer from heavy legs. This gel also reduces stretch marks.  

Menthol Massage Gel – 200ml – Annabis

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The Menthol Massage Gel provides an excellent skin massage with a refreshing effect. It is ideal for relaxing and soothing the body. This Menthol massage gel with hemp can be used on the whole body. This product is intended for adults. It is suitable for athletes, seeking to relieve their muscles after a physical effort, as well as for elderly people, wishing a refreshing relaxation.

Natural hand cream – Annabis

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Thanks to the unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3-6-9) present in hemp oil, Handcann cream takes care of your hands and nails. The Handcann cream will leave your hands beautiful, soft and moisturized. Its consistency is very convenient because it is quickly absorbed after use and therefore does not leave your hands greasy or sticky. It comes in a package that is ideal for travel and work.

Superfatted Moisturizing Soap 125g | Ho Karan

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A 100% natural surgras soap made from hemp that gently cleanses the skin and leaves a moisturizing film. Natural ingredients: Cannabis Sativa oil   100% natural origin.