The M PrisM Color 2022 Dynavap


The M

is the latest variation of the VapCap “M” 2021 from dynavape 100% medical grade stainless steel.

With a new purple and black color and new engravings, this version of the VapCap is the new product of the fall at dynavape.

Its use is the same as other dynavape, this version is responsible for bringing a touch of exclusivity to your favorite vape!

Out of stock

Out of stock

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Characteristics :

– New exclusive color

– Temperature control aid
– Puffs on demand
– Made of stainless steel
– Works with a storm lighter
– New “Chiral” type airflow with double inlet
– New “Septa Crown” Stainless Steel Tip
– New snake skin design grip
– 10mm bubbler compatible mouthpiece
– Compatible with electronic Induction Heaters!


Use :

-Start by removing the “cap”.
-Insert the ground plants into the bowl
-for the use of solid, resinous, oily or crystalline concentrates, use cotton or grids
-Replace the cap on the bowl
-Heat the course around its entire circumference by rotating the Dynavap “M” 2021 (do not heat a fixed point)
-Stop heating when the “click-clack” sounds (stop at the “click”)
-Inhale slowly and long
-The “click-clack” sounds again, which means that the temperature has gone down
-We now have the option to heat again for another puff, or rest the Dynavap to finish our plants later.