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The Omnivap 2021

The simplest titanium vaporizer in the world, but also the most elegant and efficient. it measures 109mm in length compared to its predecessor the Dynavap 2020 . Thanks to this battery-free alternative, it is possible to stop burning and smoking.

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Out of stock

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The Omnivap 2021 by Dynavap

Characteristics :

  • The Omnivap 2021 is the quintessential vaporizer, made entirely of medical grade titanium. It is completely unbreakable, it is a vaporizer that can be kept for a very long time without encountering problems.
  • Dynavap offers a unique alternative, without battery technology. This gives you the freedom to vaporize manually, anywhere permanently.
  • The new Titanium Tip, still just as easy to fill and clean. It is now designed with multiple facets. 9 fin profiles on the tip in total, to ensure powerful airflow disruption.
  • On this new version there are two air inlet doors. You can also choose the air flow adjustment with the titanium adjustable condenser.
  • The temperature range at the moment of the click is always between 170°C and 220°C.


Use :

  1. Fill the bowl (Tip) of your Omnivap 2021 Dynavap with the materials you want to vaporize.
  2. Replace the captive cap on the Tip of the Omnivap.
  3. Take a torch lighter and heat the cap evenly at the notches.
  4. Pay attention to the click of the Dynavap and stop heating as soon as you hear it.
  5. Inhale alternately with the open and closed draw (air flow).
  6. Remember to let it cool (the cap), waiting for the click, before heating it again.