Smoking or vaping CBD is a bit laborious for you? CBD e-liquids are for you! We offer a wide choice of e-liquids with surprising and varied flavors! Available in a multitude of different CBD flavors and concentrations, in single-use or refillable vape pens, there’s something for everyone and for every budget! The effects are similar to those provided by smoking the CBD flower, with the added bonus of the choice of flavor, the possibility of opting for a wider range of CBD concentrations, all while avoiding combustion. The effect is almost immediate and takes less time to act than CBD, which can be found in food, for example, which requires longer digestion time.

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Barrel GELATO – Full spectrum CBD – 600 Puffs

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600 CBD Puffs - WAX EDITION Flavor: Cannabis / Distillate CBD 500 - Full Spectrum
  • 2ml CBD e-liquid
  • Distillate CBD FULL SPECTRUM
  • 400mah battery
  • Resistance coil 1.8ohm
Cannabinoid distribution: CBD: 87.39 CBG: 1.14 CBN: 0.95

Pen Barrel Code Red – Marie Jeanne

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Marie Jeanne's CODE RED flavor is a mix of red fruit aromas. With notes of wild strawberry, blueberry and a hint of cherry, this flavor is a subtle blend of red fruit notes that's neither too strong nor too powerful, just right for daily vaping.

Looking for a little variety? Discover the other flavours available with Pen Barrel: Custard, Fruity Mix and Kush.

Pen Barrel Kush – Marie Jeanne

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Marie Jeanne's Kush flavor was created with natural hemp terpenes. This flavor is the fruit of several years of aromatic extraction research on the hemp plant. Kush is a green flavor as close to plant as possible.

Looking for a little variety? Discover the other flavours available with Pen Barrel: Custard, Fruity Mix and Code Red.

Pen Barrel Fruity Mix – Marie Jeanne

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Straight from the tropics, Marie Jeanne's Fruity Mix is a fruit cocktail with tropical flavours! A perfectly balanced blend of Mango, Kombava, Pomelo and Dragon fruit for an exotic taste that will take you on a journey throughout the day.

Looking for a little variety? Discover the other flavours available with Pen Barrel: Custard, Code Red and Kush.

E-liquid CBD Amnesia – Marie Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
TheAmnesia Marie Jeanne, inspired by the most famous variety invites itself to Marie Jeanne to make you rediscover its flavors in a quality e-liquid. Let yourself be tempted by the characteristic acidulous aromas of Amnesia. Available with several dosages of CBD, the e liquid Amnesia is guaranteed without THC.

E-liquid CBD Gelato – Full Spectrum – 50ml

 29,90 44,90

Flavor: Cannabis

Distillate 1500mg and 2500mg
50ml capacity

Distribution of cannabinoids :
CBD: 87.39
CBC: 1.14
CBN: 0.95


Vape Pen Noïd Lab CBD Pen – Cartridge

 4,00 16,00

Empty cartridge for Vape Pen noïd.lab. The cap opens and closes to fill the cartridge with e-liquid. CERAMIC resistor 1.4ohm

Cartridge can only be used with a Pen noïd.lab.

CAPACITY: 0.55ml.


E-Liquid CBD Red Berries Marie-Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
A subtle blend of red fruits and wild berries in your electronic cigarette. Lovers of sweet flavors, this flavor is for you!

CBD Lemon Kush E-Liquid – Marie-Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
Find the unique flavor of Lemon Kush with our CBD e-liquid. This hybrid variety, a cross between several cha varieties, is known for its tart citrus notes and slight earthiness. We knew how to restore them to you wonderfully in a CBD e-liquid of high quality.

Pen Barrel Custard – Marie Jeanne

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Marie Jeanne's Custard flavor is a concentrated caramel crème brulée aroma. Freshly torched, with the caramel still crunchy on top and runny underneath, Puffs CBD CUSTARD will be your little gourmet break of the day!

Looking for a little variety? Discover the other flavours available with Pen Barrel: Code Red, Fruity Mix and Kush.

Supreme Booster CBD 30ml – Marie Jeanne

 24,90 39,90

With Supreme Booster CBD 30 ml Marie Jeanne you can prepare your own e liquids with CBD made in France by specialist Marie Jeanne.

E-Liquid CBD Fresh Mint – Marie Jeanne

 10,90 17,90
If you like to have a feeling of freshness when you vapote, the e-liquid Fresh Mint of Marie Jeanne will fill you. A slightly spicy flavor with the characteristic scent of this aromatic plant.

Vape Pen Noïd Lab CBD – Amnesia – Marie Jeanne

 25,90 29,90

The Vape Pen developed by Noïd.Lab is a revolution that focuses on the essentials: a rethought design and simplified use for an optimized vape experience.


-1 Vape Pen Noïd Lab: 180Mah battery, rechargeable in 15 min.

-1 Cartridge to fill : 1.5ohm resistor. Contains 0.55ml. Fill with your favorite e-liquid. Refillable cartridge (up to 20ml).

-1 USB cable: USB charger cable, fits all USB devices

E-liquid CBD Sunrise – Marie-Jeanne

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Want to relax while enjoying a sweet and fruity flavor? The e-liquid sunrise is a clever mix between a Melon, sweet and juicy, a Pineapple, fresh and slightly acidic and a Peach Vineyard as sweet in the mouth as tasty.

Vape Pen Noïd Lab CBD – Red Berries – Marie Jeanne

 25,90 29,90

The Vape Pen developed by Noïd.Lab is a revolution that focuses on the essentials: a rethought design and simplified use for an optimized vape experience.


-1 Vape Pen Noïd Lab: 180Mah battery, rechargeable in 15 min.

-1 Cartridge to fill : 1.5ohm resistor. Contains 0.55ml. Fill with your favorite e-liquid. Refillable cartridge (up to 20ml).

-1 USB cable: USB charger cable, fits all USB devices

E-liquid Booster CBD – Marie Jeanne

 10,90 18,90
You want to make your own CBD e-liquids? It is now possible with the Marie-Jeanne CBD Booster! Available in three strengths, this neutral booster (without taste) is intended to be mixed with a neutral base without nicotine and a concentrate of flavors. So you can concoct your own CBD e-liquid by choosing the concentration and taste yourself!

Pack Vape pen Reefer + E-liquides What is a CBD e-liquid for vapes ?

A CBD e-liquid firstly consists of a base like any traditional e-liquid. The basis of a traditional e-liquid is always the same, it is a balance between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), these are essential compounds for any traditional e-liquid. Next to that, and this is of course what makes the difference between a traditional e-liquid and a CBD e-liquid, we find pure CBD crystals in a CBD e-liquid, the advantage of CBD extracts in crystals is that this form guarantees the absence of certain molecules such as THC. Finally, we find in the vast majority of cases one or more flavors bringing their flavor to the CBD e-liquid.


How to vape CBD ?

There are different options for vaping CBD: the disposable puff being undoubtedly the easiest way to do this, just remove the puff from its packaging and suck, no ignition button, no adjustment, no manipulation required. Next to that, the vape kit are composed of a rechargeable electric pen with an e-liquid tank that must be filled as well as a bottle of the precious liquid. The advantage is that when you have consumed the e-liquid from your tank, you just have to put some back and get a new bottle of CBD e-liquid when yours is finished.

However, vapes specially designed for CBD remain an option offering more possibilities, by adjusting the degree of resistance you can obtain a more or less dense smoke and therefore slightly adjust the effects felt while vaping. A wide range of options is therefore available to you. Our CBD e-liquids for vapes are rich in natural terpenes in order to restore flavors that could not be closer to that of traditional cannabis, but of course we offer a multitude of other flavors (red fruits, mint, fruit mix and many others).


How does vaping e-liquid work ?

Inside the tank, a cotton wick is soaked by the e-liquid, it is in contact with a resistance, the electrical impulse raises the temperature of the e-liquid which will therefore take a gaseous shape by vaporizing, the user inhales a vapor made up of tiny liquid droplets as well as gas these fine droplets presenting as particles will transform once again into vapor when the expiration of the smoke, which produces this smoke released by the smoker.

A CBD e-liquid is used with a vaporizer. It usually comes in the form of a pen or a vape. The puff are intended for single use and cannot be refilled with e-liquid. Kit vapes and other vapes intended for CBD can be refilled with CBD e-liquid, just get an e-liquid and fill the tank of your vape. You must also make sure to recharge the battery of your vape while a puff does not require any manipulation other than inhaling the smoke.


What are the effects felt when vaping CBD ?

Vaping CBD in e-liquid can produce a variety of subtle yet pleasurable effects, such as relaxation and reduced stress and anxiety. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, so it does not cause euphoric or intoxicating effects.

Scientific research has identified anxiolytic properties of CBD, which can help treat sleep disorders related to stress and anxiety by providing relaxing and soothing effects.

Additionally, other studies have shown that CBD may help reduce addiction-related withdrawal symptoms. It is possible that the molecule helps smokers quit smoking and break free from their addiction to nicotine.

There is also evidence to suggest that CBD may have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, although these properties require further scientific research to be confirmed.

Even though many scientific studies are currently being carried out in order to better understand the effects of CBD and the best modes of administration of CBD, we still lack solid scientific evidence. The first results about CBD seem to correlate perfectly with user feedback, which seems encouraging. But the future will give us more precession benefits on the effects of CBD on body and mind.

It is important to emphasize that the use of CBD e-liquids should not be considered as a drug treatment. They should not replace the treatments prescribed by health professionals and should be consumed with caution.

Compared to other modes of CBD administration, such as CBD oil or capsules, vaping CBD e liquid offers faster absorption and higher bioavailability, which means you can feel the effects faster and more intensely.

However, it's important to note that vaping CBD can irritate the lungs and airways, especially if you use a high vape temperature or e-liquids that contain artificial additives or flavors. Even if it is a fact, vaping CBD will spare your lungs more than smoking CBD flower for example. The fact that there is no combustion remains a major advantage of CBD e liquids. It is therefore recommended to choose higher quality e-liquids and vape at lower temperatures to minimize health risks.

Ultimately, the choice of how to administer CBD comes down to your personal preferences and individual health and wellness needs. CBD oils offer an alternative that seems more popular and convenient with those looking to experience the benefits of CBD more intensely. CBD E Liquids are also available in a wide variety of concentrations and flavors to best meet the needs of everyone.


Which vape to use to vape CBD ?

When it comes to vaping CBD, choosing the right vape is important to get the best experience possible. There are several types of vapes on the market, each with unique characteristics that can influence the quality and amount of CBD you absorb.

CBD puff are a convenient alternative to vapes. They are disposable and contain a small amount of CBD e-liquid. Puff are often considered easier to use than vapes because they don't require refilling or charging. However, they can be less economical in the long run and don't allow for the customization of the vaping experience.

In contrast, a CBD vape is refillable and allows for complete customization of the vaping experience. You can choose the CBD e-liquid you want to use, as well as the power and vaporization temperature. Vapes are also more environmentally friendly than puffs because they can be used repeatedly and don't generate as much waste.

In general, if you're looking for a convenient, easy-to-use option for occasional use, or just want to experience the effects of CBD e-liquids without investing too much, CBD puff can be a good option. If you plan on more regular use or want to personalize your vaping experience, a refillable CBD vape will naturally be more attractive.


How to choose the right CBD concentration for your e-liquid ?

The intensity of the desired effects, the type of e-cigarettes or vape that you want to use to vape, but also your vaping habits are all criteria that are important to take into consideration in order to best choose the CBD concentration of your e-liquid. As everyone is different, it is not easy to recommend a particular dosage of CBD. If you have never consumed CBD e-liquid, two areas of discovery seem relevant to us: if you are sensitive and are not used to smoking any other type of product, it is interesting to start with an e-liquid with a low concentration of CBD (100mg of CBD) and possibly build up until you achieve the effect that suits you. If you are somewhat familiar with this kind of product then it is probably more interesting for you to opt for an intermediate concentration such as a 300mg CBD e-liquid for example. As for the flavor of your e-liquid, well that obviously depends on your preferences, but our range of CBD e-liquid is so vast that everyone will find what they are looking for.


How to choose a CBD vape ?

Choosing an e-cigarette to vape CBD is important to ensure a pleasant and effective vaping experience. Here are some criteria to consider when buying a CBD vape :

  • Battery Capacity: The battery capacity of your CBD vape is important, as it determines how long the vape will last before it needs to be recharged. Larger batteries tend to last longer, but they can also be heavier.
  • Power and settings: the power of the vape determines the amount of vapor produced. Vapes with variable wattage settings allow you to customize the vaping experience to suit your preferences. It is generally between 10 and 15W. It is very valuable to have a vape allowing you to choose the heating power with precision, this will allow you to obtain the desired amount of vapor.
  • Compatibility with CBD liquids: Make sure the vape you choose is compatible with the CBD e-liquids you use. Some CBD e-liquids are thicker than others and require specific atomizers to work properly. It is therefore more than recommended to choose a vape designed to vape CBD. The heating power spectrum must also be adapted to the vaping of CBD. Rather than trying a CBD e-liquid in a classic vapes to get an idea, it is better to opt for a CBD puff to start getting an opinion and then move towards a vape dedicated to CBD vaping.
  • Ease of use: Some vape can be complex to use, while others are simpler. Choose a vape that matches your vaping skill level.
  • Design and ergonomics: the design and ergonomics of the vape are also important. Look for a vape that is comfortable to hold and use.

At Canna House, all our vapes have passed a battery of tests and positively meet all the criteria listed above.


Which PG/VG ratio to choose for your e-liquid ?

The PG/VG mixture used as a base for e-liquids generally represents between 80% and 90% of the final product. They are essential for any e-liquid, whether traditional or enriched with CBD. Propylene glycol (PG) is used as a flavor enhancer and makes the texture of CBD e-liquid more fluid, it also promotes the "hit" of nicotine in traditional e-liquids. Vegetable glycerin (VG) on the other hand, makes the mixture more homogeneous in terms of taste, it tends to make the e-liquid more viscous unlike PG which makes it more liquid, finally, VG provides a denser smoke. PV and VG are therefore essential, but also complementary, the PG/VG ratio therefore indicates in what proportion we find these 2 components (a 50/50 ratio therefore indicates that the e-liquid is composed of a base made of 50% PV and 50% VG). This ratio is important to take into account, because it influences the sensations felt when using your puff or your vape. In general, the most popular rate is 80/20, i.e. 80% PG and 20% VG, many smokers also appreciate the 70/30 ratio, these ratios allow you to have a sufficient amount of vapor while transmitting the aromas and the hit well. A 50/50 mix will give you a lot more smoke. Note that it is not advisable for beginners to opt for a VG higher than 50%.

Rest assured, all e-liquids for sale on our online store meet European standards and are THC-free. So no bad surprise compared to the psychoactive side. The composition of a CBD e-liquid has the same elements as liquids for classic vapers. So no risk of carbon monoxide toxicity. They are therefore suitable for people in smoking cessation and non-smokers.


Is CBD in e-liquid form detectable on saliva tests or blood tests ?

CBD, or cannabidiol, can show up on blood tests, but is unlikely to be detected with a standard saliva test.

Blood tests can detect the presence of CBD in the body, as the compound is metabolized by the liver and can be detected in the blood for several hours to days after consumption. However, it is important to note that to date, no standard drug test specifically looks for CBD, but rather psychoactive compounds in cannabis, such as THC. Logical since CBD is a substance totally authorized for sale.

The same goes for saliva tests, yes, there are saliva tests specifically designed to detect CBD although they are extremely rare and not used in Belgium, because again, during a drug screening, it is other psychoactive molecules that are searched for, not CBD.

In summary and theoretically, yes, CBD can show up on blood tests, but it is very unlikely to be detected in a standard saliva test. However, it is important to note that drug testing regulations can vary between countries and employers, so it is always recommended to check current policies before consuming CBD.