The B Black Dynavap


New at Dynavap in 2022! The B Black Dynavap has a silicone outer tube which is a first for the vaporizer brand!

Still based on the same principle of manual heating, the other components of the B Black Dynavap are still made of stainless steel.

The B Dynavap is the gateway to Dynavap and was designed for beginners who want to join the Dyna-move!

In stock

In stock

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Characteristics :

– New design in stainless steel and silicone

– Temperature control aid
– Puffs on demand
– Made of stainless steel
– Works with a storm lighter
– New “Chiral” type airflow with double inlet
– New “Septa Crown” Stainless Steel Tip
– New snake skin design grip
– 10mm bubbler compatible mouthpiece
– Compatible with electronic Induction Heaters!


Use :

-Start by removing the “cap”.
-Insert the ground plants into the bowl
-for the use of solid, resinous, oily or crystalline concentrates, use cotton or grids
-Replace the cap on the bowl
-Heat the course around its entire circumference by rotating the Dynavap “M” 2021 (do not heat a fixed point)
-Stop heating when the “click-clack” sounds (stop at the “click”)
-Inhale slowly and long
-The “click-clack” sounds again, which means that the temperature has gone down
-We now have the option to heat again for another puff, or rest the Dynavap to finish our plants later.