If there’s one smoking accessory that’s as old as time, it’s undoubtedly the pipe, which has been around for around 3,000 years! Of course, today’s pipes have been updated to keep up with the times, but there’s a reason why the herbal pipe has survived the millennia. Considered by many as the “original” way to smoke weed, it’s undoubtedly a timeless classic.

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Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

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Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

BONG & DABB are among the most enjoyable ways to smoke weed. But there's a downside: cleaning. It doesn't take long for residues to accumulate in crevices and hard-to-reach corners. Pipe Dreamz offers a simple solution to this problem. These fine-bristled pipe cleaners tackle the intricate curves of bongs and pipes. They can bend, fold, twist and turn! Each pack contains 60 pipe cleaners.

Marley steamroller glass pipe

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Thishand-blownglass pipe is equipped with a mouthpiece in drink pleasant to the touch, itsstraight form was conceived to collect a significant volume of smoke what allows if you wish it to obtain a powerful pulling. Its appearance and materials make it an extremely pleasant pipe to use.

Marley Natural – Glass Pipe – Large Glass Steamroller

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Combining a refined aesthetic with a classic shape, the portable Marley Natural Large Glass Steamroller is the perfect companion piece for day-to-day smoking. It is made of hand-blown glass with a rounded black walnut tip.