Dynavap The “M” 2020 Vaporizer


The Dynavape The “M” 2020 VapCap is a portable vaporizer without battery, no more charging problems! Works with any heat source (preferably with a flashlight lighter). The Dynavap is by itself a small revolution in the world of vapoteuses. Practical and giving an incredible restitution of flavors, Dynavap has not finished surprising you.

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Out of stock

The Dynavap The “M” 2020 VapCap is a portable vaporizer without a battery! So you’ll never run out of battery again. It works with any heat source but! a preference for the flashlight lighter.

At Dynavap, all the vaporizers use a system of temperature control by sound. Very practical, The “M” VapCap indicates when it has reached its optimal temperature by a small “click” followed by a second when it has reached its maximum temperature. Once it is ready for a second heating session you will hear a 3rd “click”. Big advantage, there is an air intake that allows you to adjust the air flow of your puffs.

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