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Aluminium Grinder – 2 parts


Our 2.5" 2-piece grinders are anodized.
This means the coating won't end up flaking off in your grinder.
It is ideal for plant materials that need to be reduced for combustion or vaporization.

Grinder Krush Kube 2.0 Aluminium

Krush Kube 2. 0 is a 2-part grinder from Canadian brand Krush.

Aluminium Grinder – 4 parts

Aluminum Grinder 4 compartments 55mm.

Banana Grinder Otto Black

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The world's first and only automatic grinder.

Designed with true connoisseurs in mind, OTTO's patented grinding system analyzes your materials and automatically adjusts the direction, speed and pressure of its precision blades to create the perfect grind every time.

Roll real splendors, enhancing your CBD flowers and your moments of relaxation.

Grinder Acrylic 3p transparent

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Transparent plastic grinder. Blends and grinds all types of herbs and spices.  

Marley Natural – Wood grinder Large

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Marley Natural - Wood grinder All Marley Natural products are made from high quality, durable materials - Contents of the box: 1 large Marley Natural 4-piece wooden grinder. Size 8 x 7cm More info at the bottom of the page.