Dynavap M Plus 2023


Dynavap M Plus features

The latest version of DynaVap‘s flagship “M” dry herb vaporizer.The “M” Plus ™ features the first finless tip for rapid heating and a more pronounced air field for easier airflow control.


In stock

In stock

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The M Plus ™

Designed for use with dried herbs or concentrates ( DynaCoil adapter sold separately), the “M” Plus herb vaporizer is more dynamic and much SAFER than combustion, thanks to the thermal extraction of your material.

No combustion as your material is thermally extracted. You prolong shelf life and taste, not to mention your health. This product offers a different vaping experience that helps maintain a desired smoking habit.

Tip with heat indicator markers (markers on the tip show you where to direct the flame for optimum results) – discover the power of a new tip design that heats up faster.
The tip has 15% more volume than the previous “M” model
Capable of almost complete extraction in a single heat cycle
Made entirely in the USA from medical-grade stainless steel

Airflo square – easy identification for total airflow control
Bowl adjustment function lets you adjust the chamber size to your needs
Pivot-style regulator for seamless manual airflow control
Improved grip with tactile surfaces and firm textures
The dosing chamber can be used as a grinder
The tapered tip fits perfectly into the 10 mm female fountain opening.

Almost any heat source can be used, but for optimum flavor, we recommend a butane torch or induction heater.

Fits standard DynaStash or SlimStashes sizes. Compatible with DynaCoil.

Delivered in recyclable cardboard packaging.