CBD flowers and legislation

Réglementation 2023 fleurs de CBD

The CBD world is constantly evolving, and Belgium is no exception. In this article, we will explore the regulations around CBD flowers flowers in Belgium in 2023. Get ready to navigate the intricacies of Belgian legislation!

Let’s go back for a moment in the historical context of the appearance of CBD. It is in 2018 that appeared the very first store of CBD in Brussels ( and in Belgium ), after having known a severe control of the AFSCA, it emerged from it that it had what one can qualify here of “legal vagueness” around the CBD, the law stipulating that a flower of cannabis comprising less than 0,2 % of THC was not considered as a drug, at least that’s what we could deduce by reading between the lines and interpreting the laws (remember that THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the molecule in the flowers and resins of cannabis that provides psychotropic effects, beyond a certain threshold). There followed a short period of indecision and vagueness on the subject before CBD was officially legalized a few years later, thus entering the category “smoking plant”. It is notably since this moment that we have seen the appearance of tax stamps on CBD bags and jars, just like cigarettes, cigars and other smoking products sold in Belgium.

It is interesting to note that since the official legalization of CBD flowers and resins and related products, many stores have closed their doors. The legislation and the taxation system have hardened since the official legalization of CBD and only the serious stores with a loyal clientele have been able to hold out.

Currently, there has been a change in the CBD market with the emergence and rise of CBD e-liquids e-liquids for example, but the main points have not changed:

  • The maximum THC level allowed in CBD flowers and other resins is still 0.2%. It should be noted that the maximum THC level allowed is not the same in all countries. It is 0.3% in France and 1% in Switzerland for example.
  • It is still not allowed to sell CBD flowers and resins online! This is not the case for our French neighbors.

It should be noted that since 2019, the varieties of CBD on sale in Belgium have only expanded and products such as CBD trime (these are “leftovers” of CBD flower productions) have recently appeared.

The requirement for CBD flower producers and distributors to provide a detailed certificate of analysis for each product has also recently emerged. This certificate must attest to the compliance of the products with the quality and safety standards in force, particularly with regard to THC content, but also to the implementation of a traceability system to ensure better control of the supply chain and guarantee the quality of products sold to consumers.

In 2023, CBD consumers are therefore further protected by these regulations that have been put in place, regulations that Canna-House obviously makes it a point of honor to respect. Random checks by the Belgian health authorities were therefore carried out to ensure that the products sold all complied with the legislation in force. This is obviously to protect consumers.

What are the prospects for the future as far as the regulation of CBD flowers in Belgium is concerned?

The evolution of CBD flower legislation in Belgium will largely depend on scientific advances and the results of studies conducted on the effects of CBD on health and road safety. Several scenarios are possible:

A relaxation of the legislation: if studies show that the consumption of CBD does not present major risks for health or road safety, the authorities could relax certain restrictions, such as the online sale of CBD flowers and resins.

Tougher legislation: on the other hand, if studies reveal negative effects on health or road safety, the authorities could tighten controls and impose additional restrictions on producers and distributors.

The status quo: if studies do not provide a clear answer to the effects of CBD, the legislation could remain unchanged and the current restrictions remain in place.

CBD flowers Belgium : legislation

It is likely that we are heading towards a relaxation of the legislation around CBD, but unfortunately nothing allows us to affirm it with certainty. If studies show for the moment that a THC content of 0.2% (or even higher) is too low to create any undesirable effects, these studies are relatively recent and in the scientific field, even if some of the discoveries can be established facts in the immediate future and allow us to draw some conclusions already, It is important to have long-term study results regarding CBD consumption, which is why the effects of CBD flowers (as well as other CBD-based products) have been the subject of numerous studies over the past few years. Unfortunately, there are only a few studies that have been built on long-term results (i.e., ten years or more). It is these last results, as well as a possible analysis of case law, that will influence the new regulations that will be implemented in Belgium in the coming years.

If we stick to the testimonies, it appears that many traditional cannabis users tired of the very undesirable effects of THC are turning to CBD flowers in order to fight their addiction more easily, because CBD flowers have the advantage of not being addictive and offer a more than relevant alternative to traditional cannabis. People who do not use traditional cannabis tend to turn to other types of products to enjoy the effects of CBD such as CBD e-liquids or the famous CBD oils.

In conclusion, the regulation around CBD flowers in Belgium in 2023 is a testament to the authorities’ efforts to strike a balance between protecting public health (as well as road safety) and promoting a legal and transparent market. Future prospects depend on scientific advances and the results of studies conducted on the effects of CBD in the longer term, but no radical change is expected by 2023. Canna-House will obviously keep you informed of legislative developments to respect and enable you to comply with the laws. This debate and the questions that revolve around it are in the minds of many people and are at the heart of the news! Count on us to keep you informed.

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