Puffco Proxy Onyx – vaporizer


Tradition & Innovation.

Puffco Proxy is a compact sprayer that puts cutting-edge technology and unrivalled versatility in the palm of your hand.
With a one-button interface and 3D chamber, discovering the magic of concentrates has never been easier.
Puffco’s Proxy is designed to grow with you.

Anywhere, anytime.
Tuned to perfection.
Always in tune.
Four heat settings for greater control.

Included in the box:

1 base
1 chamber
1 glass tube
1x USB-C cable
1x loading tool
5x .double tool
1x Bag

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Puffco Proxy vaporizer

Puffco’s new proxy offers innovative design and cutting-edge technology in one. The modular system allows you to use different glass tubes with the same removable base.

3D room Modern heating technology:
Inside the 3D chamber, oil evaporates not only from the bottom, but also from the side walls. This is particularly gentle on oils and extracts, ensuring even absorption and enhanced fragrance. The temperature set in the 3D chamber can be maintained more precisely thanks to electronic control and an easy-to-clean enamelled bowl.

Four temperature settings, intuitive operation:
The proxy has four temperature levels that can be set simply by pressing the side of the base. The corresponding level is represented by a colored ring, from blue (lowest temperature) to green, red and white (highest temperature). So you can easily choose whether you want more fragrance or more steam. A short double-click starts the heating process and the light ring flashes. When the chamber has finished heating up after about 30 seconds, the coloured ring flashes and the base vibrates. Now you can treat yourself to an exciting first shot. Of course, Proxy also offers an accelerated mode. Simply activate it by double-clicking again directly after heating.

Easy-to-clean glass tube:
Each glass proxy tube is handmade and therefore slightly different from all the others. The tip adapts to your hand and the mouthpiece is comfortable and fresh for your lips. As you can easily remove the base, the hose is easy to clean. Simply place in isopropanol for a while, then rinse thoroughly. It’s also possible to clean this cavity in an isopropanol bath, but never use water afterwards! As soon as everything is dry again, you can put the chamber back on the base and the base back into the pipe – and off you go!

Short charging time:
The Puffco Proxy’s battery is fully charged in about 90 minutes and can heat the chamber about 15 times. If you forget to switch off the proxy, the intelligent auto-sleep feature takes over, saving energy for the next session.

Range : Extract – Wax – Crumble – La Crème : Happease