Puffco New Peak Pro Onyx


The Future Is Now!

The new Peak Pro is the pinnacle of Dabbing* technology, a high-end, intelligent platform offering incredible flavor and unrivalled performance. Unleash the plant’s full potential with its one-button interface, extensive customization via the “Puffco Connect” app and patented 3D chamber. Featuring Joystick and laser-cut slots for enhanced water filtration, enjoy the best Dabbing* experience ever.

*The Dabbing is a method safe and efficient for consume from the extract from cannabis concentrated.

Visit heating the concentrate until point boiling, you create a powerful steam flavored which can compete with visit best genetic flowers.

Range : Extract – Wax – Crumble – La Crème : Happease

3D room
Innovative technology heats your concentrate from the sides, not the bottom, preserving terpenes and cannabinoids.

Real-time temperature control with the Puffco new peak pro
No matter how much you load or how hard you inhale, your temperature stays exactly where you want it.

Joystick cap
Improved airflow starts here with our all-new directional cap, which makes moving your concentrate around the chamber easier than ever.


Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

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Puffco New Peak Pro Onyx

Dabbing in all its glory.

Included with every new Peak Pro is its patented 3D chamber, a breakthrough in the heating‘s technology.
Warm up your concentrates only on visit walls lateral for maintain the quality all at improving efficiency.
Integrated at monitor from heat in the bowl at ceramics, the control intelligent from the temperature at time real offer a experience constant à every times.

Total Control Full Flavor
Free the power of the chamber 3D à range of at your fingertips.
Use the button unique from Peak Pro for select the profile and get started the cycle from heater.
Choose among from profiles predefined optimized or create a experience personalized with control from the temperature, from time, from the force from the steam and more.

Perfect marriage of form and function
The new Peak Pro looks great with a much improved HIT.
With a all new cover from joystick and from slots cut-outs at laser for a best filtration from water, take advantage from the best experience from cut from all visit time in two beautiful colors : Onyx and Pearl.

In Disco Mode
Set the mood for your session with dynamic lighting options. Choose the style, adjust the color and compose the details with the exclusive parameters available for the new Peak Pro.

Control By Application
The Puffco Connect app lets you take ownership of the world of concentrates, giving you total control to unlock a personalized experience with a simple touch.

The interface is seamless, from initial configuration to the creation of customized heat and light profiles.

See and share your sessions like never before with a new interactive statistics screen and device manager.

Get custom skins exclusive to the new Peak Pro.

*Compatibility: IOS – ANDROID