PAX Plus | Vaporizer


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The new evolution from PAX.

The ultimate dual-purpose portable vaporizer. PAX Plus makes the most of your flower and concentrates on smooth sessions without any aggressive smoke.

Made from anodized aluminum, stainless steel and food-grade plastic with a more ergonomic finish that makes it easier to use, with an elegant design and countless functions. The Pax Plus is very easy to use, its new design including a larger LED with nozzles of the same color and rounded edges for easy handling.


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With this new version, PAX has introduced the next generation of portable cannabis vaporizers.
Each unit is designed with over a decade of innovation and patented temperature control to make the most of flowers and concentrates. PAX Plus is our flagship dual-purpose device for elevating your flower and concentrate sessions.

The ultimate portable vaporizer.

PAX Plus packs a ton of features into an elegant, intelligent and simple design.
Experience modes let you choose different flavor and steam combinations at the touch of a button.
Sophisticated design enhancements include a larger LED, a soft matte coating, new color-matched tips and rounded edges that make PAX Plus easier to hold and easier to use.
A redesigned 3D oven screen and improved multi-tooling make cleaning easier than ever. You’ll always get the most out of your flowers and concentrates with over 2 hours of autonomy.

Warm-up time only 22 seconds.

PAX Plus offers full bloom and powerful concentrate experiences from the same device.
PAX Plus comes with 0.25 g and 0.5 g flowerpot lids to give you more flexibility for soloing and sharing your sessions.
An included concentrate adapter makes it easy to enjoy waxy, solid concentrates. You’ll get consistent flavor, aroma and power with no smoke thanks to its patented temperature control system.

Simplified experiences for PAX Plus

PAX Plus offers four integrated experience modes to give you more control over your sessions. No application is required and one button gives you four options to choose your ideal combination of steam and flavour:
● Stealth mode: minimizes steam and dims LEDs for ultimate stealth. ● Efficiency mode: Optimizes steam production and preserves material. ● Flavor mode: highlights the subtleties of flavors with steam on demand. ● Boost mode: Ideal for concentrates and delivers maximum steam.
PAX Plus features a new 3D oven screen and an improved multi-tool design to simplify cleaning.
The 3D screen is easier to remove, and a metal brush is included for quick cleaning. The included multi-tool features rounded edges to make emptying and cleaning your oven easier than ever.
Includes :
  • Flat and raised end caps
  • standard oven covers
  • and half-pack
  • concentrate insert
  • multi-tool
  • maintenance kit
  • charging cable