Vape Pen Noïd Lab CBD – Suprem Mango Blue – Marie Jeanne


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Vape Pen Noïd Lab CBD – Suprem Mango Blue – Marie Jeanne

The Vape Pen developed by Noïd.Lab is a revolution that focuses on the essentials: a rethought design and simplified use for an optimized vape experience.


-1 Vape Pen Noïd Lab: 180Mah battery, rechargeable in 15 min.

-1 Cartridge to fill : 1.5ohm resistor. Contains 0.55ml. Fill with your favorite e-liquid. Refillable cartridge (up to 20ml).

-1 USB cable: USB charger cable, fits all USB devices

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Vape Pen Noïd Lab CBD – Suprem Mango Blue – Marie Jeanne

The new-generation Vape Pen

– Ergonomics rethought with a “no roll” design. Round in the hand but with slightly trimmed edges to prevent rolling. Soft-touch coating for a pleasant feel. Length 10.2 cm and 1.1cm diameter.

– 180 mAh USB rechargeable battery. Charging time 15min.

– Screwless magnet cartridge, latest-generation 1.5ohm ceramic resistor and 0.55ml capacity. Fillable for CBD e-liquid, Nicotine e-liquid, nicotine salt or neutral.

– Protective sleeve: the cartridge is housed in a protective sleeve to avoid UV contact and to prevent the cartridge from being knocked.

Supreme Mango, Mango and Blueberry E-liquid by Marie Jeanne

Marie Jeanne invites you to discover Supreme Mango eliquid with your vape pen noïd.lab. Let yourself be tempted by this Mango-flavored CBD e-liquid with a blueberry accent.

Supreme Mango Blue is a blend of different horizons, with Mango flavours mixed with Blueberry to enhance this exceptional product. If you like fruity vape, this liquid will suit you perfectly. Exotic and sunny!


Its sober, uncluttered lines will delight many, as its design has been studied to go with all styles.
Let yourself be seduced by its elegance, ease of use and discretion.
With PEN NOÏD, switching from combustion to vaporization for a much healthier experience means there’s no turning back and a brighter future.


Contains no THC