DaVinci Miqro – Vaporizer


DaVinci Miqro – Air Conditioner

Particular attention to finish, technology and the quality of the vaping experience thanks to its Zirconium conduit. That’s DaVinci’s mission.

The MIQRO is their latest portable vapo. It could be described as a mini IQ – DaVinci’s very popular handheld.

33% smaller than classic DaVinci vapes, this vape reduces the size of the combustion chamber, making it possible to fit a smaller battery – making it equally suitable for the regular user and the micro-dose enthusiast.

MIQRO is a small, compact vaporizer available in several beautifully finished editions. It offers a vapor with great aromas – – and you’ll produce wonderful vapor clouds. This is an advanced conduction vapo at a reasonable price.


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DaVinci Miqro – Vaporizer


– 100% Zirconium ceramic steam passage
– 18350 removable battery
– 2 heating modes (precise temperatures and smarthpad)
– Boost mode
– Heats up in about 40s
– High-quality ceramics for pure respect of aromas
– Adjustable bowl size
– 2 mouthpieces (flat and tube)
– Contains approx. 0.2g
– USB charging
– Can be used while charging


– 1* DaVinci Miqro vaporizer
– 1* USB cable
– 1* Embout buccal long/Extended Mouthpiece
– 1* Additional bead stem and gasket
– 4* Pipe cleaning swabs
– 3* Alcohol wipes
– 1* Cleaning accessory

5-year manufacturer’s warranty