Boundless CFX+ Dry herbs vaporizer


The CFX+ from Boundless makes vaping dry herbs easy, thanks to its simple functionality and straightforward menu.

The Boundless CFX Plus features a large, easy-to-fill oven, a zirconia cooling path for cool, gentle steam production and a fast 30-second heat-up time!

The built-in battery will get you through six to eight dry herb vaping sessions on a single charge where you’ll have complete and precise temperature control (121-221°C) with the Boundless CFX+ vaporizer’s precise mode.

In stock

In stock

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It will be difficult to overheat the Boundless CFX+ dry herb vaporizer as it features preset session timers between two, and eight minutes that you can select from the menu.

Once the session time is up, the Boundless CFX + Dry Herb vaporizerswitches to standby mode, which keeps your vaporizer on but turns off the oven (so no heating).

Once in standby mode, you can:

press a button to wake it up and start heating again (which should mean that the timer restarts)
switch it off manually (hold down the up and down buttons for two or three seconds)
leave it in standby mode, but this could drain your battery.

Boundless CFX+ features:

-Short and sturdy, the Boundless CFX + body is about 10 cm high and about an inch shorter than the original Boundless CFX.
-Hidden mouthpiece – no pivoting mouthpiece, just a small hole in the top cap for vaping.
-Hidden stirring tool – under the mouthpiece cap is a handy little stirring tool/packaging tool.
-Zirconia cooling path – inside the mouthpiece cap is a zirconia tube that cools your vapor extremely well so that it’s smooth and easy on your throat.
-Quick start/stop – press and hold the up and down buttons. When switched on, it immediately starts heating up to the last set temperature.
Warm-up time of 30 seconds or less – switch to dry herb vaping in no time!
-Ceramic oven / chamber – pack it with up to 0.35 g of dry herbal product (taking care not to pack too tightly so that air can pass through).
-Easy filling – around the oven chamber is built like a funnel leading dry herbs to the chamber.
-Precise temperature control (121-221°C) – using the precise mode, you can select your exact temperature.
-Preset modes – choose one of four preset temperatures (1 – 192°C, 2 – 204°C, 3 – 212°C or 4 – 220°C) and let the Boundless CFX Plus do the thinking for you!
Haptics – the Boundless CFX+ Dry Herb Vape vibrates when switched on/off.
-Fast charging with Type C – fully charged in 45 to 60 minutes.
-Long runtime – get 60 to 80 minutes on a single charge (six to eight dry herb vaping sessions).
-Conduction heat – this method ensures that you get the best vapor flavor and decent vapor clouds from your dry herb material.
-Clear, colorful display – the bright Boundless CFX+ display clearly shows all your parameters, such as temperature and battery level.
-Simple menu access – just click once on the up and down buttons.
-Built to last – solid plastic body with ridges that help both cool your Boundless CFX Plus dry herb vaporizer and provide extra grip.

The simplicity of the Boundless CFX+ dry herb vaporizer is quite impressive! It starts heating up as soon as you switch it on, has a safety timer, a robust body, superb heating time and from all the reviews we’ve seen, it has a very good vapor flavor and vapor cloud density.

Please note:

To continue enjoying the great vapor flavor and clouds of the Boundless CFX+ vaporizer and avoid frequent deep cleaning, be sure to clean the filling chamber after each session with the included cleaning brush and/or packaging tool. Take care when cleaning, as the chamber becomes hot during vaping.
We do not recommend this device for beginner vapers or anyone unfamiliar with vaping dried herbs.

Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 30 mm (approx.)
Weight: 284 g
Temperature range: 121°C – 221°C (250°F – 430°F)
Temperature control: digital
Battery: built-in lithium-ion for 60 to 80 minutes of use
Charger: type C rapid charge in 45min – 1h
Zirconia cooling air circuit
Auto sleep mode
Fast heat-up time of 30 seconds or less
Large filling chamber/oven
Vibration (haptic) notifications
Conduction heating

Boundless CFX+ Dry herb vaporizer
Cleaning brush
Agitation tool
USB type C charging cable
User’s manual


Often compared to the MIGHTY+ from Storz & Bickel, the CFX+ from Boundless and the CFX BOUNDLESS VAPO will bring you comfort and convenience without the need to pay more.

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