Firefly 2+ – Mouthpiece

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– Removable mouthpiece with microparticle filter
– BPA-free
– Pack of 2 mouthpieces

*Firefly 2 / 2+ compatibility

Out of stock

Out of stock

The mouthpiece

Is the part of the vaporizer with which your mouth comes into physical contact to aspirate. Many vaporizers feature a built-in mouthpiece, while others offer the option of vaping with or without a mouthpiece.

A vaping mouthpiece can prevent your mouth from coming into contact with a hot device, facilitate puffing and give the vapor more time to cool before it reaches your mouth. Tip replacement may also be an option if you prefer not to clean your vape tip. Interchangeable tips also make it easy to share a vaporizer with friends.

In general, it’s always a good idea to have several vaping tips for your device. This is good protection in case you damage your mouthpiece, for example by dropping the device. It’s also a good option if the mouthpiece is so clogged or dirty that it’s easier to replace it than try to clean it.