DAVINCI Pearl IQ2 – Pearl

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The Pearl distributes heat evenly throughout the chamber, ensuring that your herbs produce clean, high-quality steam.

Designed to enhance the smoking experience with the DAVINCI IQ2 vaporizer.

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Out of stock

Designed to modify the size of the oven, it allows users toadapt the chamber size to different quantities of herbs. This function guarantees efficient vaporization, even with small quantities.
The Pearl ensures even heat distribution in the chamber, promoting uniform vaporization and harmonious flavor profiles.
Made from durable materials, it guarantees longevity and reliability in regular use.

The Pearl IQ2 can be adjusted to compress the chamber, providing optimum vaporization for small quantities of grass. Conversely, it can be adjusted to enlarge the chamber for larger loads.
Designed to integrate perfectly with the IQ2 vaporizer, it guarantees a perfect fit and easy installation.
By altering the size of the chamber, the Pearl IQ2 helps distribute heat evenly, resulting in more efficient vaporization.

The Pearl IQ2 is specifically designed for use with the DAVINCI IQ2 vaporizer and may not be compatible with other vaporizer models.