DotLeaf 1.5 Spray


This new version can heat up to 245°C with boost, so no more heat limits with preset settings.

The dotleaf 1.5 offers a unique and tasty experience!

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Small but mighty:

As small as a credit card. Yes, it’s a bet!
If you’re looking for a super-portable vaporizer, you should at least consider the dotLeaf. It’s amazing what the brand has managed to pack into such a tiny device.

So it’s perfect for any situation. It slips easily into your pocket.
Whether in the forest or on the sofa, the dotLeaf vaporizer will bring you joyful vapors.

With dotLeaf’s easy-to-remove ceramic chamber, cleaning and refilling the chamber is incredibly easy. The dotLeaf has 4 heat presets to get the right temperature for your dry grass of choice. The dotLeaf also has a protection mechanism where if the chip reaches 75°C, the light will flash 5 times and switch off automatically to allow the device to cool down. Supporting an 18650 battery, dotLeaf is designed for maximum battery life.

Interchangeable oven :

The dotLeaf is one of the first vaporizers on the market to feature a fully interchangeable oven. This means you can keep extra ovens ready with dry grass and swap them out during a session. Simply remove the old furnace and insert the new one.

It also makes dotLeaf incredibly easy to clean. All you have to worry about is the oven, which is easy to brush and clean. The mouthpiece is also easy to clean. Maintaining a vaporizer is essential to keep it working at its best.

Versatile :

Not only does the dotLeaf work as a stand-alone device, but you can also use it with your favorite water pipe. A 14 mm and 18 mm adapter is included in the box so you can get a better dotLeaf experience.

Battery :

Not only is the oven interchangeable, so is the battery. This makes dotLeaf one of the first fully modular vaporizers.
You can replace almost anything! We like replaceable batteries because they extend the life of the vaporizer. With many other vaporizers, when the battery dies, they die. This is not the case with dotLeaf.

It also charges via USB-C, which is today’s preferred charging method. It is universal and generally loads faster than other methods.

Boost mode :

Looking for a little boost during your session? Hold down the fire button during your session, and the dotLeaf will give you a 15° C boost for a more powerful shot.

Simple settings:

There are only two buttons on the dotLeaf, but they do a lot. The button hidden behind the magnetic door lets you switch from one preset temperature to another. There’s also a “boost” mode that lets you increase the temperature at the end of your session to get the most out of your oven.

dotLeaf proves that you don’t have to use an application to get a lot of functionality. A single button can do everything you need without a phone or Bluetooth.

Features :
A 14 mm and 18 mm adapter is included with the dotLeaf, so you can use it with any of your waterpipes.

The dotLeaf does not use conventional combustion heaters, limiting the amount of air pollution as well as tar and other chemical agents.

It is made of high-quality aluminum to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated.