Venty vaporizer: the new headliner from Storz & Bickel

If there is one thing that we can no longer doubt, it is the quality and reliability of Storz & Bickel vaporizers. Since their foundation and the highly successful launch of the Volcano in 2000, S&B has continued to push the envelope of innovation to create the exemplary vaporizers we all know today.

At the start of 2024, Storz & Bickel returns to the high-end vaporizer segment with a worthy successor to the Mighty+: the Venty. But what's it worth?


The Venty is the brand's largest portable vaporizer, thanks to a design that is more vertical than horizontal like its predecessors. Size can be an annoying factor if you like to be discreet in public, but it can also be an advantage for the following reasons:

    1. Improved ergonomics: the machine is much more comfortable to hold and doesn't need a stand or base to stand upright.
    2. Easier monitoring: there's room for an LED display showing temperature and battery status.
    3. No overheating: Unlike smaller vaporizers, the larger sizes naturally dissipate heat better and remain more comfortable to hold for longer sessions.

Just like the Crafty+ and the Mighty+it's made from a medical-grade, heat-resistant plastic called PEEK, which has already proved its worth over the years not only at Storz & Bickel but also in other sectors, notably the medical and aerospace industries.

Airflow control

With this new machine, Storz & Bickel has laid its cards on the table to ensure that its new vaporizer is the last you'll ever need. To achieve this, the brand has played its Joker by incorporating an adjustable wheel to modify the incoming airflow, allowing you to choose between a tighter, more intense draw or, on the contrary, a smoother, more flavorful one. 

This is a notable improvement, since this function is unfortunately not yet widespread, even though it is already well established in the ranges of certain brands such as the DaVinci IQ2

This adjustment wheel is located just below the mouthpiece, all part of a cooling block similar to that of the Mighty+ in a smaller format.

The hybrid heating system

The Venty uses a hybrid heating system that combines conduction and convection, enabling temperatures ranging from 40°C to 210°C. The machine initially uses conduction to increase the oven's heat and prepare the herb for vaporization, while convection comes into play when the user takes a puff.

This type of system is well known to the brand, as it is already used in its other vaporizers and has been proving its worth ever since. It provides more even heating than conduction alone, releasing the full potential of the cannabinoids for a more pleasant taste but also a more present effect.

Battery, interface and connectivity

As for the battery, the Venty has two internal batteries for a total of 5940mAh, a capacity that lies between the Crafty+, which has a single 2800mAh battery, and the Mighty+, which has two batteries for a total of 6800mAh. In practice, this corresponds to around 1h30 of use or 6 to 7 bowls, for a recharge time of around 40 minutes to reach 80%.

You can find battery information on the vaporizer's LED display, as well as on the application . It can also be used to adjust the temperature degree by degree, as well as to modify machine parameters:

    • Vibration on/off.
    • Optimized load management.
    • Customize power and boost mode
    • Software update

However, if accessing an application is not your priority, all the main functions are available directly on the device. The temperature can be changed using the arrows below the LED display, and the power button is located on the edge, allowing you to turn the device on and off, as well as activate boost modes by pressing twice quickly, allowing you to cycle between :

    1. Normal (Basic) at a temperature of 180°C, enhancing the flavour of your herbs.
    2. Boost for a rise to 195°C, a good compromise between flavor and effect.
    3. Great, climb to the maximum temperature of 210°C for a session with more intense effects.

The Venty can therefore be used in its entirety without needing to use the app, although the need will still be felt for any adjustments such as screen brightness.

Venty, Mighty and Crafty: which to choose?

Among the three portable vaporizers available from Storz & Bickel, it's sometimes hard to tell them apart. Yet they all have very distinct characteristics that fill a different segment.

All three vaporizers feature the same hybrid heating technology, the same materials and a fairly common architecture, with removable cooling units placed on top of each device. In addition to differences in portability, the table below highlights the main differences between the different machines.





15.77 x 5.5 x 3.7 cm

14 x 8 x 3 cm

11 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm

Heating time

20 seconds

60 seconds

45 seconds

Battery capacity




Bowl capacity




Supercharger compatibility





 448,00  339,00  249,00

In conclusion: a good buy?

The German manufacturer has struck hard with the Venty, as usual. This device represents the very best in terms of build quality, efficiency, flavor and performance, without sacrificing the user experience by keeping its interfaces streamlined and simple to handle.

It's therefore a worthy competitor for both novices wishing to enter the world of vaping with a reliable, easy-to-handle machine, and the most fastidious users looking for performance and optimization.

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