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After Crafy and Crafy +, Storz & Bickel presents Crafty + C! Quality of materials and assembly are always the watchwords for this herb vaporizer. However, the latest model from the German brand has improved in every respect: 30% faster warm-up time, significantly improved range, new outer shell materials, super boost mode, optimized and more reliable electronics.

Stoz & Bickel’s Crafty and Crafty + are already regarded as one of the benchmarks for herb vaporizers, while Crafty + C goes one better in every respect.

In stock

In stock

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Crafty+ C


  • A Bluetooth smartphone app to control your Crafty.
  • One-touch control.
  • Fast heat-up in 45 seconds
  • Three pre-set heating temperatures (180°C, 195°C and 210°C) which can be modified (40°C – 210°C) using the mobile application.
  • A vibration signals that the set temperature has been reached.
  • Automatic shutdown to optimize battery life
  • New exterior materials
  • Improved autonomy
  • A cooling unit
  • Convection/Conduction heating
  • A bowl-filling accessory
  • A single Lithium battery
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty