Puffco Proxy and Puffco Peak Pro: the best vaporizers for concentrates?

Puffco vaporisateur

The number of herb vaporizers has boomed in recent years, demonstrating the popularity of vaporizing dried herbs rather than smoking them, thus avoiding the health-damaging combustion process. Consumer trends and habits continue to evolve, as evidenced by the success of the Puffco brand. These vaporizers are designed solely for concentrates such as wax, crumble and wax, so they can’t be used to vaporize dry herbs. However, they have absolutely no equivalent when it comes to vaporizing concentrates, which can be more economical and have more powerful and varied effects than traditional flowers (like CBD, for example).

Puffco, is THE reference in the field of vaporizers for legal cannabis concentrates and other forms of concentrate, combining tradition and innovation to offer unique vaporization experiences. The brand stands out from the crowd by focusing exclusively on concentrates, enabling it to offer products optimized for maximum flavor and power.

Why choose a Puffco vaporizer?

What sets Puffco apart is its commitment to innovation. Unlike conventional vaporizers, Puffco specializes exclusively in concentrates, which enables it to develop products specifically designed for this use, and consequently, otherwise more qualitative than other vaporizers on the market offering concentrate vaporization options, but generally not designed to be optimal in this area. This approach has enabled Puffco to push the boundaries of technology and create unique vaporizers that offer a different vaping experience from the competition.

Puffco Proxy: concentrated technology

The Puffco Proxy is a compact vaporizer featuring advanced technology and remarkable versatility. With its simple one-button interface and innovative 3D chamber, the Proxy opens the door to an easy, immersive concentrate vaporization experience. Designed to evolve with user requirements, it offers flexible use anywhere, anytime.

Key features of the Puffco Proxy :

3D chamber: The 3D vaporization chamber ensures uniform evaporation of oils and extracts, guaranteeing homogeneous absorption and the most faithful rendering of aromas.

Temperature control: With four temperature settings, the Proxy offers total control over your vaporization and allows customized vaporization assignments.

Modular design: the modular system allows the use of different glass tubes with a common removable base, offering increased customization.

Easy cleaning: The glass tubes are designed for a comfortable grip and easy cleaning, guaranteeing maximum ease of maintenance.

Battery life: The battery recharges quickly, offering around 15 sessions per charge, with intelligent power management in standby mode.

Puffco Peak Pro: The ultimate in Dabbing

Puffco New Peak Pro Onyx1
Puffco New Peak Pro Onyx1

The Puffco Peak Pro represents the pinnacle of dabbing technology (the method of consuming plant concentrates, such as oils, waxes, crystals or extracts). Featuring a one-button interface, customization via the “Puffco Connect” app and a patented 3D vaporization chamber, the Peak Pro offers an exceptional, controlled dabbing experience.

Key features of the Puffco Peak Pro :

3D chamber: Side-heating technology preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, delivering a richer flavor experience.

Precise temperature control: Real-time regulation maintains the desired temperature, providing a seamless, tailor-made experience.

Puffco Connect app: The app enables advanced customization of your sessions, including control of temperature and desired steam intensity.

Elegant design: The Peak Pro features a sleek design with an improved joystick cover and optimized water filtration.

Why spray concentrates rather than herbs?

Concentrates (waxes, crumbles, oils, waxes, crystals and extracts) offer many advantages:

More potency: concentrates logically have a higher concentration of cannabinoids and other active ingredients, offering stronger effects with fewer raw materials.

Intense flavor: Concentrates have more pronounced aromas and flavors due to their higher terpene concentration.

More discreet: less odor than burning flowers, ideal for discretion.

Faster: The effects of concentrates are generally felt more quickly.

More varieties: Various shapes and textures of concentrates are available, and if market trends are anything to go by, it will soon exceed the number of smoking plant varieties, if it hasn’t already.

In conclusion, Puffco Proxy and Puffco Peak Pro undoubtedly embody the new era of vaporization: that of concentrates, more advantageous than traditional herbal vaporizers on many points, the Puffco brand is currently the most reputable in the field, taking advantage of the best of the worlds of traditional vaporizers by adding the many advantages of concentrate vaporization.