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The Vape Pen developed by Noïd.Lab is a revolution that focuses on the essentials: a rethought design and simplified use for an optimized vape experience.


-1 Vape Pen Noïd Lab: 180Mah battery, rechargeable in 15 min.

-1 Cartridge to fill : 1.5ohm resistor. Contains 0.55ml. Fill with your favorite e-liquid. Refillable cartridge (up to 20ml).

-1 USB cable: USB charger cable, fits all USB devices

Marie jeanne noid lab pen puff cbd

The new-generation Vape Pen

– Ergonomics rethought with a “no roll” design. Round in the hand but with slightly trimmed edges to prevent rolling. Soft-touch coating for a pleasant feel. Length 10.2 cm and 1.1cm diameter.

– 180 mAh USB rechargeable battery. Charging time 15min.

– Screwless magnet cartridge, latest-generation 1.5ohm ceramic resistor and 0.55ml capacity. Fillable for CBD e-liquid, Nicotine e-liquid, nicotine salt or neutral.

– Protective sleeve: the cartridge is housed in a protective sleeve to avoid UV contact and to prevent the cartridge from being knocked.

California E-liquid, the search for a unique flavor

California’s Emerald Triangle region, made up of three counties, is famous for the plants that grow between the tall red pines, and whose flavours and smells are world-renowned. To create the California e-liquid experience, we went in search of testimonials from this region.

Nearly a year of research and development to meet our requirements and our aromatic restitution objective to find an innovative Broad Spectrum extraction process.

A genuine innovation, our unique extraction process ensures optimal preservation of all Cannabinoids (except THC). Its combination of terpenes gives it a captivating, naturally irresistible hemp flavor.

A “green” trip

An extraordinary creation, both olfactory and gustatory, with a PG/VG base.

Our aim is to provide you with an unrivalled experience and a journey as close to nature as possible. Escape for a few minutes of intense pleasure.

Aromatic profile: Floral