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The Vape Pen developed by Noïd.Lab is a revolution that focuses on the essentials: a rethought design and simplified use for an optimized vape experience.


-1 Vape Pen Noïd Lab: 180Mah battery, rechargeable in 15 min.

-1 Cartridge to fill : 1.5ohm resistor. Contains 0.55ml. Fill with your favorite e-liquid. Refillable cartridge (up to 20ml).

-1 USB cable: USB charger cable, fits all USB devices

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The new-generation Vape Pen

– Ergonomics rethought with a “no roll” design. Round in the hand but with slightly trimmed edges to prevent rolling. Soft-touch coating for a pleasant feel. Length 10.2 cm and 1.1cm diameter.

– 180 mAh USB rechargeable battery. Charging time 15min.

– Screwless magnet cartridge, latest-generation 1.5ohm ceramic resistor and 0.55ml capacity. Fillable for CBD e-liquid, Nicotine e-liquid, nicotine salt or neutral.

– Protective sleeve: the cartridge is housed in a protective sleeve to avoid UV contact and to prevent the cartridge from being knocked.

Lemon Kush, between tangy flavors and earthy notes

Although the origins of cannabis plants in the Kush family remain a mystery, Lemon Kush is a variety that appeals for its distinctive tangy flavor and earthy taste. Some think it comes from a Mountain Kush married to a sweet, lemony Sativa, or describe it as a clever mix between Afghan Kush and La Lemon G. However, the most likely origin is a cross between the Master Kush and Lemon Joy varieties.

Available in different CBD concentrations, Marie-Jeanne’s Lemon Kush e-liquid is packaged in a designer 10ml bottle with a secure cap. You can find it in different CBD concentrations: 300 and 600 mg.

The authenticity of an e-liquid with terpenes

Lemon Kush flavor is made from the aromatic terpenes found in Lemon Kush and CBD extracted from hemp.

All this is diluted in an e-liquid base composed of 80/20% propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

Find all our cannabis-flavored e-liquids in our collection of small, colorful bottles with plant motifs.

Contains no THC