DaVinci Artiq 510


Visit vaporizer à cartridge 510 DaVinci ARTIQ is a device from vaping from first order. This device is compatible with the cartridges 510 standard and has da room fully hidden for more from discretion and of protection at the degradation. L’Artiq Features advanced DaVinci technology for a superior vaping experience.

Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

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Delivering steam that’s on average 90% cooler, the ARTIQ’s extended air path cools hot steam back down to ambient temperature levels.

Fully concealed cartridge
Discreet and powerful. Here, it’s all about flavor. Don’t let UV rays spoil the flavor of your favorite oils. As the cartridge is concealed in the case, you’ll benefit from extra protection against drops and discreet consumption.

Features :
compatible with standard 510 cartridges
the elongated air path reduces steam heat by 90%.
fully concealed chamber
color: black
capacity: most cartridges from 0.5 g to 1.0 g

Special features:
10 seconds warm-up time
haptic print feedback
Loading via a pass-through system
3 heating modes
Internal 760 mAH rechargeable battery

Box contents :
ARTIQ cartridge sprayer
USB Type-C charging cable
cleaning tools
2 additional magnetic collars
2 additional seals

Variable voltage temperature
4 heating modes to choose from :

Preheating: 1.8v
Low: 2.8 V
Average: 3.2 V
High: 3.6v

*ARTIQ is not compatible with oversized cartridges whose diameter is greater than 11.5 mm or whose height is less than 63 mm.
It is only compatible with lower airflow cartridges.