Mighty VS CFX

Mighty VS CFX : comparatif vaporisateurs d'herbes

Herbal vaporizers are a great way to cut down on smoking and tobacco use. In recent years, the range of vaporizers has expanded to include herbal vaporizers of all sizes and with many different features. It is not always easy to choose a vaporizer adapted to your needs. In this article, we will focus on 2 of the best herbal vaporizers on the market: The Mighty from Storz and Bickel and the Boundless from CFX . We will discover their respective characteristics, their performance and their functionality.

Rather than big tables full of numbers, we decided to compare the Mighty and the CFX on the 3 points that we consider most important for a herb spray and explain in detail why, the idea is that you will better understand how these vaporizers work and the innovations they bring.

CFX vs Mighty : The rendering of the steam

This is obviously the first criterion that interests us when choosing a vaporizer: let’s break it down in detail:

Mighty Storz & bickels herb spray
Mighty Storz & bickels cannahouse

Mighty If you are not a novice in the field, you are probably familiar with the Mighty, the emblematic model of the German brand Storz and Bickel. If the reputation of this herb vaporizer is not to be demonstrated anymore, it is thanks to its design quality, but above all for the exceptional rendering of the vapor. We believe that its place among the leaders in herbal vaporizers is far from being usurped: the number of settings and the quality of the vaporization really provide a very pleasant experience! So we can say thank you to the efficiency of the heating system as well as its steam cooling system. It is mainly these 2 elements that make the Mighty have such a qualitative vapor rendering. The Mighty ‘s cooling system takes the inhaled vapor a long way to be cooled and filtered of its plant microparticles, and believe us, it makes a difference. The plastic components of the Mighty are, moreover, certified “medical grade”. Storz & Bickelz has definitely gone all out to make the Mighty one of the best herbal vaporizers on the market, and the bet is on!

boundless CFX herb spray
Boundless CFX cannahouse

CFX If the Mighty ‘s steam cooling system clearly makes a difference in terms of steam rendering, the same cannot be said for the CFX. If you look at them closely, you would think that the CFX has the same cooling system as the Mighty, but the top of the CFX is only used to close the bowl. Simply put, the vapor inhaled with the CFX goes directly from the cooling pad to the mouthpiece. As a result, the smoke rendition is warmer and therefore less pleasant. Let’s not exaggerate, in absolute terms, the CFX ‘s vapor rendering is very qualitative, but remains below that of the Mighty. The warmer steam with CFX may tend to cause more irritation in the throat or even coughing. The quality of the materials used is also less than that of the Mighty despite the ceramic bowl it has. In terms of the amount of vapor that can be produced, both the CFX and the Mighty can produce a lot of vapor and thus satisfy the more seasoned smokers looking for a stronger ‘hit’. The fact is that the quality of the rendering of the vapor is better with the Mighty in the sense that the smoke is better cooled and therefore softer and the quality of materials preserve the aromas of plants vaporized wonderfully.

CFX vs Mighty: Features and Handling

In terms of functionality, the Mighty offers significant advantages over the CFX. First of all, the Mighty has an LED display that shows the current temperature and the duration of the vaping session, which allows for better control of the vaping. The CFX, on the other hand, does not have an LED display and temperature adjustments must be made using buttons.
In addition, the Mighty has a more efficient cooling system than the CFX, which makes the vapor smoother and more pleasant to inhale. This cooling system produces a superior quality vapor and reduces the risk of throat and lung irritation. The CFX also has a cooling system, but it is less efficient than the Mighty‘s.
Finally, the Mighty offers a longer battery life than the CFX. The Mighty ‘s battery lasts up to 90 minutes, while the CFX ‘s battery only lasts 60 to 90 minutes depending on the temperature used. This can be an important advantage for users who need to spray for a long time.
The Mighty is therefore more practical in use. As far as ergonomics are concerned, the 2 devices have more or less the same dimensions, neither of these 2 vaporizers stand out on this aspect, but we have to admit that the Mighty offers a wider range of features and is more efficient in this sense.

CFX vs Mighty: Value for money

This aspect of comparison might seem a bit ‘crude’ to some, but at Cannahouse, we like to get our money’s worth and know what we’re spending it on, so this last axis of comparison seemed essential to us.
When it comes to value for money, the Boundless CFX is a very attractive option. It offers almost the same functionality as the Mighty at a more affordable price, with the recommended retail price of the CFX from Boundless set at 139 euro. Our in-house testers believe that the Boundless is very good value for money, in the sense that the CFX represents the gateway to high-end vaporizers, and that few herbal sprays on the market can boast of offering such a functional and qualitative device for such an interesting price.

The Mighty is a premium vaporizer that offers a top-notch vaping experience. Its recommended retail price is set at 349euro, and good news, at Cannahouse the Mighty is offered at a reduced price since it is displayed at 289euro. It remains twice as expensive as its counterpart from Boundless, but has more features. In absolute terms, the quality of the vapor produced by the Mighty is only attainable with much more expensive herbal vaporizers. Even though the Mighty is twice as expensive, it makes perfect sense. Difficult to separate the CFX and Mighty on this point because compared to the rest of the market these vapors both offer a quality / price ratio at the top. So it will remain more a matter of budget. But we give this point to the CFX, because to offer such a qualitative vaporizer for this price is for us a small feat.


In the end, the choice between the Mighty from Storz & Bickels and the CFX will depend on the preferences of each consumer. If you are looking for a portable sprayer that offers superior steam quality and longer battery life, the Mighty is an excellent choice, its cooling system is definitely its main asset, but what could be more important than providing a quality vapor for a vaporizer would you say. If you are looking for a quality portable vaporizer at a more affordable price, the CFX is for you. Yes, the smoke rendering is not as pleasant as with the Mightybut it is offered for half the price, and the quality of steam remains very interesting compared to the rest of the market, the CFX represents a first choice entry point to the herbal sprays premium while the Mighty shines through its innovations and its design quality (as well as that of its materials).

Mighty Storz & Bickels Air Conditioner
Mighty Storz & Bickels Air Conditioner

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