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Vaporizers are now an essential accessory for CBD enthusiasts the world over. Whether you ‘re looking for an easy-to-use portable vaporizer or a sophisticated tabletop model, rest assured you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. We also offer a variety of accessories and spare parts for most of our models, all in stock.

So why waste any more time? Browse our store today to purchase your next vaporizer or accessories. If you’d like to find out more about how vaporizers work and discover our list of the most popular products, read on.

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1. what is a herb vaporizer?

Vaporizers are devices designed to extract compounds from plant matter, concentrates or e-liquids, without burning them. This approach offers a healthier alternative to traditional methods of consuming cannabis and other smokable herbs. These appliances offer a purer, tastier eating experience for herbs, while preserving their aromas. They are prized for their effectiveness and ease of use. Vaporizers come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, from tabletop models to discreet portable devices. At Canna-House, we stock portable and tabletop vaporizers, presented in more detail below on this page.

DAVINCI MIQRO C - Vaporisateur Portable - Black3

what is a portable vaporizer?

A true revolution in the field of portable weed vaporizers, the new generation features a concentration of innovations, offering a multitude of advantages.

The variety offered by Canna-House provides a choice to suit every consumer profile. The Dynavap stands out for its innovative mechanical approach, eliminating the need for batteries. On the other hand, the Pax offers a personalized experience with its connectivity to a mobile app, enabling meticulous control of settings to adjust to individual preferences.

Whatever your preference, Canna-House offers a complete range of state-of-the-art portable herb vaporizers, combining innovation, practicality and quality for an unrivalled vaping experience. Explore our selection to discover the new dimension of vaporization.

What is a salon vaporizer?

A salon vaporizer is an electric device designed to heat dry herbs or concentrates to a precise temperature, allowing you to inhale the vapor produced for a richer, more flavorful vaporizing experience.

Canna-House offers a wide range of high-quality salon vaporizers, selected for their performance, reliability and ease of use. Here are the advantages:

  • Dense, flavorful vapor: The power and precision of salon vaporizers produce dense, flavorful vapor, faithfully reproducing the aromas of the herbs or concentrates used.
  • Optimal relaxation experience: Most CannaHouse salon vaporizers are equipped with balloons or extension tubes, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable vaporization experience.
  • A wide choice of options: CannaHouse offers salon vaporizers for every budget and every need, with customization options and accessories to meet your specific requirements.





Compact and easy to transport

Larger and designed to stay at home

Power supply

Rechargeable battery

Connected to mains

Temperature control

Generally adjustable, but limited

Precise, adjustable temperature control


Generally conduction or convection

Precise, adjustable temperature control

Heating time

Faster, ready in minutes

Sometimes takes longer, but provides more consistent heating


Often fewer accessories supplied

Can include additional accessories


Varied, often less expensive

Generally more expensive due to advanced features

User experience

Ideal for use on the move

Offers a more complete and sophisticated experience


While consumers tend to refer to vaping as “smoking”, the differences between smoking and vaping are profound. However, the main differences between the two lie in the smoke, or lack of it.

Vaporization implies carbonization, while smoking is an act of combustion. By using a vaporizer, you don’t burn plant material or concentrate directly. So you also don’t consume the unwanted carcinogens you would if you smoked. Both methods, however, create unhealthy by-products such as tar (although vaporization reduces it) and nitric oxide, which are natural irritants for the throat, mouth and lungs. Steam is much purer than smoke. Smoking involves a direct flame, whereas vaporizing does not involve any combustion of your herb. Instead, it heats up to the temperature at which cannabinoids and terpenes change from solid resin to vapor.


Vaporizers use either convection or conduction heat to operate. In convection models, the air surrounding the substance in the compartment is heated until the active components vaporize. Conversely, conduction models heat a surface on which the substance is then placed, similar to the use of a dabbing device. To prevent combustion of the substance, it is often necessary to shake conduction vaporizers during use.

convection, conduction or hybrid?

Convection vaporizers : this involves heating the flower to raise its temperature. The heat source and the material do not touch. The air simply circulates around the flower. These vaporizers retain heat well and are generally made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Conduction vaporizers : there is contact between the heat source and the flower. A bit like a hot plate. This is one of the first methods used on classic vaporizers. One small drawback is that the entire flower is not heated, which can make it difficult to adjust the temperature. One example is the famous dynavap, a rather special battery-less vaporizer.

Hybrid vaporizers: combine convection and conduction heating technologies to vaporize the product. This means it uses both hot air to heat the product indirectly (convection) and a heating surface in direct contact with the product (conduction). This combination aims to deliver a more efficient and uniform vaping experience, ensuring optimal extraction of the product’s active compounds without burning it. Hybrid vaporizers attempt to take advantage of the benefits of each heating method while minimizing their drawbacks, offering superior vapor quality, rapid heat-up and more efficient product use.



Electronic Cigarette


Dried herbs




4. How to use and maintain a vaporizer

Let’s start with the basics. When you receive your vaporizer, it’s essential to purge it of unwanted oils and chemicals to ensure optimum cleanliness. To do this, let your device run for 2 to 3 heating cycles with nothing in the chamber, making sure it is fully charged during this operation. Once this step is complete, you can fill and prepare your vaporizer with complete confidence.

To ensure optimum performance and prolong the life of your vaporizer, follow these essential maintenance tips. Clean the vaporizer chamber regularly after each use to remove residues, using suitable tools to gently remove unwanted particles. Perform an initial purge by running the unit for a few cycles with nothing in the chamber, ensuring that the battery is fully charged. Store your vaporizer in a dry, clean place to prevent damage. By following these simple steps, you’ll maximize your vaping experience while preserving the performance of your device.

Pax Plus Pax Mini 2023

5. buy a cbd vaporizer

Now that you know more about how herb vaporizers work, deepen your knowledge of the subject by analyzing what’s on offer on the market! As you can see, weed vaporizers offer many advantages: they’re discreet, much less harmful than traditional ways of consuming weed, and infinitely more practical. It’s true that it’s not always easy to choose a vaporizer, as the industry has developed to offer all kinds of vaporizers! At Canna-House, we’ve practically tested them all, and we’re bringing you only the vaporizers that represent the best deals on the market! To introduce them to you, we’ve chosen to present the 4 most emblematic brands in this market.

PAX Labs

PAX Labs is one of the most popular vaporizer brands on the market. Discover the PAX Plus, the ultimate evolution in portable vaporizers from Cannahouse. Designed for a premium experience with your flowers and concentrates, the PAX Plus combines elegance and functionality in a dual-purpose device. Thanks to its ergonomic design and quality materials, enjoy a smooth, smoke-free vaping session. With innovative features such as patented temperature control and fast warm-up time, the PAX Plus turns every session into an unforgettable experience. The PAX Mini is the most compact dry herb vaporizer in the PAX range, designed for quick and easy use on the move. It offers a complete experience with flowers, maximizing the extraction of terpenes and cannabinoids without aggressive smoke. With over two hours of autonomy, an improved LED, and a matte finish, the PAX Mini heats up in just 22 seconds. Its streamlined, single-button design makes it both elegant and easy to use.


STORZ & BICKELS is a renowned brand of vaporizers, recognized for its high design quality and spotless reliability. Their Mighty vaporizer is one of the most powerful and efficient weed vaporizers on the market, sure to delight vaping aficionados! It features a medical-grade stainless steel heating chamber and an efficient cooling system for gentle, pleasant steam. The Mighty also features an easy-to-read LED display showing current temperature and battery level. The Crafty+ is the other best seller from Storz & Bickels. The main difference between these 2 vaporizers is the size of the cooling unit. As the Mighty is larger than the Crafty+, its cooling unit is slightly more powerful. When it comes to steam, these Storz & Bickel vaporizers are equally impressive. The American vaporizer brand is undoubtedly best known for the quality of its vaporization and the reliability of its products. But then, Mighty or Crafty+? If you’re looking for autonomy and the ability to enjoy all the features of your herbal vaporizer without using a mobile app, Canna-House will recommend the Mighty, while if you want to take your vaporizer with you on trips or elsewhere, the Crafty+ will be more suited to your needs. In any case, with a Storz & Bickel vaporizer, you’ll own one of, if not the most reliable vaporizer on the market!


DYNAVAP is an ultra-innovative brand on the vaporizer market, offering a simple yet innovative vaporization system! And for good reason: Dynavap vaporizers are the only ones that work mechanically with a lighter, no electronics, no software or mobile app, no battery…

What’s more, it stands out from other herbal vaporizers because it’s by far the most compact – just look at it! To enjoy it, simply put your CBD in the Cap ( understand plug ), bring a heat source close to it, and when you hear the famous “click” you know that the right vaporization temperature has been reached and it’s time to indulge yourself with your vaporizer! They also all feature a highly efficient cooling system for a smooth, pleasant vaping experience. The least we can say is that Dynavap vaporizers are the most “anti-conformist” of vaporizers, because they go so far against the tide! And yet they stand alone in their niche of mechanical vaporizers and have won over many users thanks to their ultra-simple operation requiring no electricity, and their format making Dynavap the most compact herbal vaporizers on the market!


DAVINCI is another well-known vaporizer brand, adulated for the quality and durability of its products. At Canna-House, we appreciate above all the quality of the materials used, making them ultra-satisfying to handle. DaVinci sets itself apart from other vaporizers with a very singular user experience. Take, for example, the flavor chamber that serves as a “flavor enhancer” for the DaVinci IQ2! This innovation makes the taste of the CBD or other dried herbs you vaporize simply incredible! It reminds us slightly of Pax Labs, as these two brands have many similarities: a design that would make all the competition swoon, a very wide range of high-quality herbal vaporizers at very aggressive prices (the DaVinci Miqro is also available at €99, as is a certain PAX 2 ) and high-quality materials! What the 2 brands have in common: whether you opt for the entry-level models or for their flagship models, you’ll get your money’s worth.

That’s a brief rundown of the best herbal vaporizers on the market, but as you can imagine, they’re not the only ones… They are, however, the best options according to Canna-House ! We’ve based our decision on the experience of our sales staff, who are constantly trying out new vaporizers on the market, but also and above all on the hundreds of feedbacks we’ve received from our customers! If you’re familiar with the store, you’ll know that customer relations are the watchword of our company, and our staff are constantly gathering feedback from our customers, in order to satisfy them as much as possible, but also to be able to advise you in the most efficient and transparent way possible!

Here are the best alternatives to these 4 brands:

Boundless, Fenix, G pen and Stundenglass don’t feature in our ranking of the 4 best brands of herbal vaporizers, but this is due to a lack of space on our podium. It’s nevertheless true that these 4 brands have just as many arguments to make you fall in love with them! Whether for these 4 Star herbal vaporizer brands, or for these 4 Challenger brands, we warmly invite you to consult the product sheets to obtain further information on each of these nuggets, or to drop in to one of our 4 stores to get personal advice from one of our sales staff!


  • This product is not a medicine and cannot replace medical treatment. Consult your doctor if you have any specific health problems.
  • This product is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, and is not suitable for minors.
  • This product contains less than 0.2% THC, in accordance with current Belgian legislation.

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