MakeSenz – Hand cream – 50 ml

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Our hand cream is moisturizing and repairing because it contains coconut and hemp oils.
It absorbs very quickly and leaves no sticky feeling. Repairs damaged hands and prevents and reduces pigmentation spots that appear over time.
Produced from controlled organic farming with 99% ingredients of natural origin.
Made in Belgium.

In stock

In stock


Apply a dab to each hand and massage in with light circular movements, from wrists to fingertips. Ideal for damaged hands or for long-lasting benefits: apply the cream generously before bedtime.

Its components:

  • vegetable hemp oil (Belgian), which is highly penetrating and activates microcirculation
  • vegetable coconut oil for deep moisturizing and chapping prevention
  • essential oils of geranium, ylang ylang and carrot, which have an anti-aging and anti-spot action