Ho Karan Essential Oil 5ML

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Are your body and mind too tense? Want to relax? Nature has thought of everything! Hemp essential oil is reputed to help relieve daily stress and acts as a stabilizer, conferring that soothing sensation. You’ll fall in love with the sweetness of this herbaceous, lightly musky oil with gentle bitter nuances.

100% pure and natural – THC-free – Made in France

Only 3 left in stock

Only 3 left in stock

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How to use hemp essential oil

Slip 5 drops of essential oil into your diffuser and :

A gift for your home, hemp essential oil detoxifies the air.

A gift for you, hemp essential oil helps relaxation during meditation practices, yoga, or simply while reading a good book.

Store essential oil away from light, air and heat.
Do not use pure hemp essential oil without a carrier.