Firefly 2+ battery

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Featuring a high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery that guarantees constant, reliable power for vaping sessions. With an average charge time of around 45 minutes to 1 hour, it offers rapid recharging capabilities with minimal downtime. This battery is designed to provide optimum power for the Firefly 2+ vaporizer.

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Out of stock

The Firefly 2+ battery is a rechargeable battery designed exclusively for use with the Firefly 2+ vaporizer.

Main features :
Lithium-ion technology: uses lithium-ion battery technology for efficient, reliable power supply.
Rechargeable: Designed to be rechargeable, it allows users to recharge the battery when needed for extended use.
Fast charging: Charging time is generally relatively fast, allowing users to recharge the battery in under an hour to minimize downtime between vaping sessions.
Compatibility: Designed specifically to fit and work with the Firefly 2+ vaporizer, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance.

Package contents :
Firefly 2 rechargeable battery