Prof. Dr. Kent Sport CBD Gel 100ml


Prof. Dr. Kent CBD-based sports gel is used for the care and massage of arms, legs, neck and back, especially after intense sports or physical activity.

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Only 3 left in stock

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Dr.Kent Gel Sportif :

CBD SPORTS GEL hot/cold gel is used for the treatment and massage of arms, legs, neck and back, particularly after intense physical or sporting activity.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, and contains carefully selected active ingredients such as full-spectrum hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L.), menthol, chili extract, clove essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil. Thanks to the effect of its high-quality ingredients, the gel provides a sensation of freshness and then warmth. Contains a total of 1100 mg of CBD. Vegan.

Muscle pain after exercise is caused by small muscle lesions associated with inflammatory processes. Prof. Dr. Kent™ CBD Sports Gel provides all-natural, targeted relief to support post-sports recovery.

Contains no parabens, artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives. The product has been tested and analyzed as safe in third-party laboratory studies for content, heavy metals, cannabinoids, pesticides and microbiological properties.

CBD sports gel (hot/cold gel) comfortably warms and cools the treated body parts.

Active ingredients :
Hemp extract has been scientifically proven to be an effective aid in treating the well-being of skin, joints and muscles. Hemp cream containing CBD and other cannabinoids is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and soothing for the skin.
Clove oil temporarily numbs the surface of the skin, relieving pain and swelling in overworked joints and muscles.
Chilli extract and the capsaicin it contains is an active component of chilli that stimulates microcirculation and produces a sensation of warmth when used locally on the skin. Capsaicin is also known as an anti-inflammatory ingredient.
Eucalyptus oil provides a cooling sensation on the skin, helping to relax stiff, aching muscles and relieve discomfort.
Menthol helps relax muscles.

How to use :
Apply a thin layer to the skin until completely absorbed. Rubbing the gel helps absorption. Repeat once or twice a day. For external use only.