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Cannabis europa 2024: Cannabis industry outlook


Day 1: Positive Energy and Passionate Debates

Cannabis Europa London 2024 was marked by positive energy, bringing together thousands of delegates from leading cannabis companies, patient representative groups and politicians. The conference focused on the German and UK markets, with numerous speakers and lively debates on cannabis liberalization.

Prohibition Partners:

Prohibition Partners CEO Stephen Murphy recalled the conference's beginnings in 2018, stressing the importance of building an ethical industry. Analysts Alex Khourdaji and Lawrence Purkiss presented the 9th European report, revealing rapid growth limited by strict regulations and a limited number of prescribing physicians.

British market:

A panel discussed the outlook for the UK market, with differing views on future growth and the importance of raising public awareness. The debate culminated in a confrontation between cannabis advocate Peter Reynolds and cannabis skeptic Peter Hitchens on the decriminalization of cannabis.

German market:

Excitement was palpable regarding the German market, following the removal of cannabis from the list of narcotics on April 1, 2024. Stakeholders noted a significant increase in sales and a simplification of the prescription process. The European market could also evolve thanks to a working group on cannabis policies in the European Parliament.

Day 2: Industry recognition and prospects

The second day of Cannabis Europa 2024 saw the inaugural Business of Cannabis Awards, recognizing Curaleaf, Hannah Deacon, Cannavigia, Medicann and Cannareporter for their contributions to the industry. Sessions focused on the involvement of Big Pharma and the patient perspective.

Big Pharma:

Stephen Murphy of Prohibition Partners spoke to Zeil CEO Arthur de Cordova about the implications of cannabis reclassification in the US and Germany. EU GMP certification is essential for North American companies wishing to penetrate the European market. Terry O'Regan of Brains Bioceuticals presented his company's plans to integrate a pharmaceutical approach into cannabis. Alexandru Zabara of InSciTe Consulting reported that the pharmaceutical industry is starting to take a serious interest in cannabis, despite the challenges associated with drug discovery and patents.

Santé Publique:

Steve Rolles of Transform Drug Policy Foundation warned against Big Tobacco 's involvement in cannabis, highlighting the public health problems associated with the tobacco industry. Katrina Ffrench of UNJUST stressed the importance of including marginalized communities affected by prohibition in the industry's vision.

Cannabis Médical:

Hannah Deacon of Maple Tree Consultants highlighted the difficulties of accessing medical cannabis for children and the importance of separating the medical and recreational markets. She called for a better understanding of the endocannabinoid system by doctors.

Czech market:

A panel discussed advances in the Czech cannabis market, with Jindřich Vobořil presenting current bills. Healchain's Pavel Kubu mentioned legislative changes in Germany that could influence other European markets. Green Publishing's Lukas Hurt called for help to support the rational regulation campaign in the Czech Republic.


The two days of Cannabis Europa 2024 highlighted the growing integration of Big Pharma into the cannabis sector, the challenges of public health and the importance of including marginalized communities. The conference highlighted the need for increased awareness and appropriate regulation to support the sustainable growth of the cannabis industry in Europe and beyond.

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