Puffco hot Knife Onyx

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No more dirty dab tools, sticky fingers or clothes tangling in your bowl – just hold down the button and watch your extract come off in 3 seconds.

Only 2 left in stock

Only 2 left in stock

The Hot Knife by Puffco

Connect the Hot Knife using the USB-C charging cable and leave it to charge for around 2 hours until the indicator light turns green.
Once you have fully charged the Hot Knife, remove the hot knife cap and the carb cap from the concentrate device.
Switch on the Hot Knife by pressing the button five times quickly. The LED light comes on, indicating that the unit is ready.
Place the cold tip of the Hot Knife in the concentrate and scoop out enough to place in the bowl (usually the size of a pea or smaller).
Hold the knife with the tip in the air above the spray bowl.
Press the button to heat the tip of the Hot Knife. The concentrate slides directly from the blade into the spray bowl.
When you’ve finished, switch off the Hot Knife by pressing the button five times quickly.


How to use the Hot Knife :
Place the desired amount of concentrate on the hot knife.
Hold the hot knife over the bowl and press the button.
The ceramic knife blade is thus heated.
The heated knife liquefies the concentrate, which then falls from the knife blade into the bowl.
The Puffco Hot Knife is an electronically heated loading tool. It makes loading concentrates a simple, clean and efficient process. The process now takes about five seconds and is easy to clean up afterwards.

*Caution: The ceramic tip of the Puffco Hot Knife becomes very hot.
Use the cap to store it when you’re finished.


Features :
30-minute charge
More than 50 uses per charge
USB-C charging
Ceramic tip
Easy to use
Calibrated heat source
Heated electronic Dab Tool
Cut and load wax with ease