Marley Coffee One Love | 227gr



Originating in Ethiopia, the original cradle of coffee, the One Love range is without doubt the most exotic. With a rich, fruity taste, its berry extracts will make you feel Love and Unity. Balanced by nature, it lies in the middle ground between lively coffees, known for their more pronounced acidity, and roasted coffees, which are much richer in bitterness.

Medium roast

The ideal companion for all espresso lovers, Marley Coffee will satisfy both gourmets in search of refined, full-bodied coffee and those concerned about ethical and environmental values.

Harvested in the highest quality coffee-growing areas such as Ethiopia, Indonesia, Central America and, of course, Jamaica, Marley Coffee is committed to organic farming without chemical fertilizers.

What’s more, it benefits from numerous labels testifying to its seriousness about the environment and the non-use of pesticides, herbicides and other harmful products. The Marley Foundation is also committed to providing soccer pitches for children from disadvantaged communities at its coffee production sites around the world.

Contains no THC