DaVinci IQC Vaporizer


Released in late 2021, it builds on the very solid foundation of IQ2 with new enhancements to stay at the forefront of technology. This new DaVinci model offers you a modern, precise and efficient vaporizer that is still very easy to use.

DaVinci IQC: The latest vaporizer from premium manufacturer DaVinci

The IQC is DaVinci’s latest model and allows you to vaporize your dry herbs, resins and oils even more efficiently. It is made of a sandblasted aluminum shell for strength while maintaining a sleek design. The big plus of this device is the high quality of the steam thanks to the high-quality materials (ceramic, zirconia glass) used in its manufacture. Specially designed for demanding people, the IQC allows personalized and precise vaping sessions.

With new modifications, such as the smaller size, making it more ergonomic, but especially a 3 times faster charging time. The IQC has a removable and rechargeable 18650 battery (handy to have a second battery for travel or extended use) that allows more than an hour of continuous use, the equivalent of 4 sessions. The device takes only 2 hours to charge to 100%. The vaporizer can be charged in the classic way via Usb-C. This makes it a convenient and easily portable vaporizer to take anywhere. With the IQC, a new feature that the IQ2 does not have, you can even charge your phone or other electronic devices with the reverse charge.

The IQC really has everything to appeal to you. Like the IQ2, the IQC can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or computer with the DaVinci app, which allows you to accurately set (to the degree) and adjust the temperature (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit). In particular, 3 different temperature values can be stored for easy access using Smart Paths. The unit vibrates to alert you that the desired temperature has been reached. The application also gives you access to several other functions, such as discrete or vibrating mode, for example. The heating time of the IQC is faster than that of the IQ2, taking only 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature (with a maximum temperature of 221°c), making it very comfortable to use. The brand’s familiar LED display is again present, for a clear and legible readout.

The IQC is designed to retain maximum flavor and keep the vapor as pure as possible. The larger chamber, with a capacity of 0.5 g, is made entirely of ceramic for the highest quality of vaporization and flavor, a quality that is maintained throughout the process thanks to the zirconia glass air channel, which keeps the flavors intact. Thus, the inhaled vapor never comes into contact with plastic or other materials that could alter the taste in the mouth. In addition, the IQC also comes with a silicone mouthpiece for better hygiene as it is easier to clean than the IQ2 and a bong adapter for added functionality. The IQC is sealed with an anti-microbial polymer lid for cleanliness.

How do you use it?

– Open the ceramic chamber.
– Put in the dry herbs or concentrates. Adjust the bead so that your products are compact in the chamber for better conductivity.
– Close the ceramic chamber.
– Click the main button 5 times to turn on your vaporizer.
– Set the desired temperature on the LED display with the control buttons or directly on your phone via the DaVinci app. You can also directly select a previously saved temperature using Smart Paths.
– The IQC vibrates when the desired temperature is reached.
– Enjoy pure steam with a rich flavor.
– To turn the device off, click the main button 5 times.

All IQ2 accessories are compatible with the IQC.