Budkups – 3 pcs – Pax

Budkups - 3 pcs - Pax


BudKit Plus with Budkups 3.0 is an accessory kit for the Pax 2 and Pax 3 portable vaporizer!


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Notre Produit Budkups - 3 pcs - Pax


This kit offers a system to fill and store your BudKups capsules, as well as something to maintain their optimal freshness rate.

This BudKit Plus offers a cleverly thought-out capsule filling system.

Each BudKups 3.0 has its location, while the spatula allows you to insert the previously chopped herbs.

Once the capsules are filled, this same spatula makes it possible to raise the BudKups in order to close them easily with their lid.

A quick and convenient filling system.

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