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Whatis CBD?
The CBDis a diminutive for cannabidiol, it is part of the family of “cannabinoids”. Cannabinoids are the family of active molecules found in the famous hemp plant, and CBD is the main non-psychoactive molecule of the Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike its psychoactive counterpart :THC, CBD as for him does not make you ” high ” in other words, it does not alter in any way your perception of reality. So what is the use of CBD and why are we talking about it so much? Well, at the moment, CBD ( or cannabidiol ) is the subject of many studies and research on its effects and virtues. Many studies have already confirmed that the famous CBD molecule is very interesting from a therapeutic point of view (a strong antioxidant effect, an anxiolytic effect, analgesic properties, muscle relaxant and manymore…). That said, CBD and CBD oil is not a medicine and cannot be used as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult your doctor if you have specific health problems. The CBD can be presented in different forms ( flowers, resins, oils, concentrate… ) and the CBD oil is probably its most interesting form. This leads us to the following question:
What is CBD oil?
An oily essence emerges from the extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant, which is composed of a certain content of different cannabinoids depending on the quality of the plant and the process used to perform the extraction of CBD. When it is a full spectrum oil for example, as it is the case for our Pure Leaf oil, this substance is composed of CBD of course, but also of the terpenes of the plant as well as a series of cannabinoids: a tiny amount of THC (obviously always less than 0.2% in order to comply with the legislation in force in Belgium) but also other cannabinoids. This viscous substance is then mixed in an oil, we opted for hemp oil with Pure Leaf, but it can also be done with olive oil or other. The data which is undoubtedly the most important to be taken into account when one speaks about oil of CBD it isits content of CBD, which ranges for example from 5 to 30% in the range Pure Leaf.
How to obtain a good quality CBD oil?
It has been shown repeatedly that the effectiveness of CBD is closely linked to the quality of the raw materials used in its manufacture. That’s why Pure Leaf oil is made with hemp oil from the most reputable crops in Europe. But it is not enough to have quality raw materials to have a top product, the manufacturing processes are also important, so we have opted for the most optimal extraction process known to date: organic extraction with CO2. Using the best raw materials and the most respectful manufacturing processes of the plant, our CBD oil has everything for it! From a composition point of view, it will always be more interesting to opt for a full spectrum CBD oil in order to benefit from the surrounding effect.

As the quality and efficiency of our products have always been at the heart of our philosophy, we carry out an additional analysis in private laboratories on each of our batches. This allows us on the one hand to accurately verify the composition of our CBD oils, but also to demonstrate total transparency by offering you these lab analyses. To do so, simply go to the product sheets of our CBD oils or scan the QR code found on the packaging of our Pure Leaf oils.
What does the ‘full spectrum’ statement on CBD oil mean?
In order to reveal its full potential, CBD needs the presence of terpenes and other active molecules in legal cannabis ( CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDA, CBDV ), this is called the entourage effect and is signified by the mention full spectrum. This term means that the oil reflects the full spectrum of the plant and therefore all its properties, making CBD oil more effective. Broad Spectrum oil contains only cannabidiol or CBD and the terpenes of the plant, the isolate, as its name indicates, contains only CBD in isolation, without other cannabinoid or terpenes.
CBD oil for animals?
Your pets are not left out! Due to high demand, we have specially developed and added a CBD oil for your cats and dogs in our Pure Leaf range.

It goes without saying that our oils comply with current legislation and always have a THC level below the legal maximum of 0.2%. The tinted glass bottle allows a longer life and a lesser degradation of the active ingredients over time.



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