Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)


Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

BONG & DABB are some of the most enjoyable ways to smoke weed. But there is a downside: cleaning. It doesn’t take long for residue to build up in crevices and hard-to-reach corners. Pipe Dreamz offers a simple solution to this problem. These fine-bristled pipe cleaners tackle the intricate curves of bongs and pipes. They can flex, bend, twist and turn! Each pack contains 60 pipe cleaners.

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Notre Produit Higher Standards Pipe Dreamz (60 pieces)

High Standards Maintenance

Pipe Dreamz are premium fine bristle pipe cleaners that have been specially designed to bend and cut into the tightest corners, cleaning out hidden buildup in your water pipe or rig. The textured surface acts like a magnet, attaching itself to small, hard-to-reach particles. Available in boxes of 12 or 60 pieces.

The bristles are bristly to release residue but are soft enough not to irritate glass surfaces, Pipe Dreamz is the perfect cleaning companion.

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