Herbal sprays

What is an herb spray?

Herbal vaporizers are devices designed to heat dry herbs (as well as resins, oils and other forms of concentrates) to extract their active ingredients in a smoke that is then inhaled. They come in different shapes, sizes and can be equipped with very different functionalities. The big advantage of vaping is that it is much less harmful to your respiratory system than traditional combustion (which is what happens when smoking a cigarette or a CBD joint for example). Instead of burning the material to extract smoke, we inhale with the vaporization a vapor generated by a high temperature, but without burning the material (dry grass or resin in this case).

How does an herb vaporizer work?

Unlike combustion, the grass does not burn with vaporization, it is the heat produced that will generate steam. In general, the use of vaporizer is very simple. Simply make your dry grass manually or with a grinder and place it in the vaporization chamber provided for this purpose. It is then necessary to choose its temperature, this one can influence the quantity of vapor and thus the feeling felt during the inhalation. Make sure to clean the vaporization chamber regularly so that your vaporizer does not get dirty and generates the most accurate taste reproduction possible.

What is the difference between conduction and convection herb vaporizers?

We have explained above how vaporization works in general terms, but in reality it can be more complex: there are indeed conduction and convection herb vaporizers on the market, let’s try to understand the difference:

Conduction vaporizers: With conduction herb vaporizers, there is contact between the heat source and the herb to be vaporized. This is one of the first methods used on classic vaporizers. However, this method does not have all the advantages: the entire flower is not heated, which can make the temperature adjustment more tedious than with a convection vaporizer. The dynavap is probably the best example of a conduction vaporizer.

Convection vaporizers: convection vaporizers work on the principle of heating the flower to make it rise in temperature. The heat source and the material do not come into contact. The air flow circulates in the vaporization chamber where the dry grass is located. These herbal vaporizers retain heat well and are usually made of heat retaining materials such as ceramic or stainless steel.

Quels sont les différents types de vaporisateurs d’herbe et comment choisir le sien ?

You can find a lot of different vaporizers on the market! The choice of your vapo is obviously closely linked to your lifestyle and your budget. They can be grouped mainly into two main categories: portable and home vaporizers. These indications already tell us about their main difference in use! Portable herbal vaporizers like the Pax or Da Vinci to name a few, are very high quality vaporizers offering a multitude of settings and options to customize your vaping experience. Their advantages lie in their size, allowing you to take them everywhere with you. It will be more complicated to slide the vapo of living room by their dimension. On the other hand, these offer many features to get the most out of your herb. If you want to vaporize resins or other CBD concentrates, you need to make sure your vaporizer has a box or system that allows you to add substances other than flowers. The Pa3x Deluxe Kit allows you to spray resins and the fenix mini does the same! Do not hesitate to visit the product sheets of our vaporizers to get more information about these technological jewels.

Quels sont les avantages à utiliser un vaporisateur d’herbe ?

And avoiding combustion has a multitude of great benefits! With the vaporization, we preserve a good part of the active principles which would be burned with a traditional combustion, and just for this point, the vaporization deserves its letters of honor, because if we smoke dry herb, it is before to be able to benefit from the effects of the active principles of the plant. Vaporization is therefore more economical since you get more effect for the same amount of raw material. Besides that, vaping provides a less irritating and less harmful smoke for your respiratory system, the throat is much less irritated than with combustion and this can be felt from the first few puffs inhaled. Finally, vaporizers offer the advantage of discretion which can be very practical in some cases, especially since it facilitates at the same time the fact of smoking, because you do not need to roll. There are many reasons why herbal vaporizers are being used more and more by smokers.

Quelles sont les perspectives d’avenir pour les vaporisateurs d’herbe ?

In a world where technology and innovation are king, it’s crucial for herbal vaporizers to keep up with the latest news. Vaporizers are a popular and effective way to consume herbs, and their popularity continues to grow. The good news is that this market is full of opportunity, and the prospects for the future are impressive.

Herbal vaporizers are a great alternative to traditional smoking and the health benefits are enormous, as the burning of the herbs is avoided entirely. So it’s a safe bet that the market share of herbal vaporizers is growing. Time will tell, but at cannahouse, we already have our opinion on the matter.

Les vaporisateurs d’herbe conseillés par cannahouse : 

Portable sprayer:

Want to try your hand at the world of vaporizers with a vapo that can vaporize resin and oils? The Fenix mini vaporizer is definitely a gateway. Sold with a small box, it also allows to spray resins! The deluxe kit of the ultra-famous Pax 3 also offers a vaporization system for resins. The Dynavap, in addition to being a disruptive device, faithfully reproduces the aromas of your herbs. Really difficult to choose among these little jewels, but you will have understood, to each smoker his vaporizer, everything depends on your expectations as well as your lifestyle!

Living room sprayer:

The different versions of the Volcano (Hybrid, Digital & Hybrid Onyx) from Storz & bickel have become the best vaporizers in the world thanks to their incredible design quality and the pleasant and customizable experience they offer. Special mention for the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah x Dr Greenthumb’s which simply left us speechless. Its kinematics, its functionalities, its design making it look more like a decorative object than a high-end herbal vaporizer have more than charmed us!

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Herbal sprays

Herbal spray: when tradition meets technology, the marriage is a good one!


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