E-liquids with CBD: the trend of the year!

Comment choisir son e-liquide au CBD

CBDe-liquids are increasingly popular because they offer a convenient and discreet way to consume CBD on a daily basis, in this article, we will try to explain concretely what is a CBD e-liquid, how it works and how to choose the right e-liquid according to our tastes and expectations.

What is CBD and how does it work?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties, which means it won’t give you a high. Quantitative and qualitative studies conducted with consumers show that CBD is often used for the beneficial effects of cannabis but of course without the undesirable effects of THC: reduction of anxiety, reduction of inflammation and pain management for example are assets that CBD consumers often talk about.

What is a CBD e-liquid and how is it made?

A CBD e-liquid is a liquid that contains CBD and is used in electronic cigarettes to produce vapor. CBD e-liquids are generally made by mixing isolated CBD (a pure extract of CBD) with a diluent, such as vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, these two substances serve as the basis for all electronic cigarettes, whether enriched with CBD or not, and finally, the aromas or terpenes that define the flavor of the e-liquid.

How to choose your CBD e-liquid?

This is a very relevant question that is being asked more and more, so we have listed what we feel are the most useful selection criteria to help you find your way around!

What flavors for its e-liquid CBD?

First of all, let’s talk about flavor: these are either aromas or terpenes that give their flavor to e-liquids. The flavors are added artificially, based on the same principle as food flavors for example. Besides that, terpenes are the molecules naturally present in plants (cannabis, but also other plants as well as fruits and vegetables) and it is these molecules that give their taste to these foods. Terpenes are therefore more natural than aromas. Cannabis terpenes will give your CBD e-liquid a flavor naturally close to the plant from which it comes. Note also that theoretically, CBD e-liquids made with cannabis terpenes can be very slightly more effective thanks to the entourage effect (principle according to which CBD would be more effective in the presence of terpenes – e-liquids). CBD e-liquids are not full spectrum and therefore do not benefit from the maximum effect of surrounding because it is the CBD isolate that is used to design the CBD e-liquids with sometimes terpenes but not with the oil composed of all cannabinoids). CBD e-liquids with real cannabis terpenes and not flavors are called broad spectrum e-liquids. We detail a little further down in this article all the range of e-liquid Marie Jeanne but you can already remember that at Marie Jeanne, the broad spectrum e-liquids are the e-liquid Experience range (e-liquids California, Colombia and Patagonia ) As for the choice of flavors, it is done intuitively according to your choice and preference. Then, another important question arises: the ratio PG / VG that you want to use.

What is the PG/VG ratio of your CBD e-liquid?

The PG/VG mixture used as a base for e-liquids generally represents 80% to 90% of the final product. Propylene glycol (PG) is used as a flavor enhancer, allowing to fluidify the texture of CBD e-liquids. It also facilitates the nicotine “hit” of conventional liquids. On the other hand, the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) makes the taste of the mixtures more homogeneous, and unlike the PG, it tends to make the e-liquids more viscous, making the liquids more liquid, and finally, the VG provides a thicker smoke. Therefore, PV and VG are both essential and complementary. The ratio PG / VG indicates in which ratio are found these two components (so the ratio 50/50 is the e-liquid from a base composed of 50 PV and 50 VG). This ratio is important to consider because it affects how you feel when you use a puff or an e-cigarette. In general, the most popular ratios are 80/20, i.e. 80 PG and 20 VG, many smokers also appreciate the 70/30 ratio. A 50/50 mix will give you more smoke. It is not recommended for beginners to choose VG above 50%.

What concentration of CBD to choose for its e-liquid?

At Marie Jeanne to mention only them, the concentration in CBD ranges between 100mg and 700mg for 10ml of e-liquid, of booster up to 1500mg can also be used for people a little more advanced who want to make their own e-liquid. Depending on your sensitivity and the effects you are looking for, it may be more appropriate to opt for a stronger or weaker concentration. It is possible to start with a concentration of 100mg and then eventually increase the concentration crescendo depending on the effect. Or opt for a median solution at 300mg directly. Note that there is no THC in Marie Jeanne e-liquids so no risk of adverse effects or overdose, you can sleep on your 2 ears!

How to use a CBD e-liquid?

To use CBD e-liquid, simply fill your electronic cigarette with the e-liquid and vapourize as you would with any other e-liquid. It is also possible to opt for simpler and ready to use options like the pen Marie Jeanne ( Penny and Barrel ) . Single-use, these pens contain concentrated e-liquid generally up to 6 to 10% of CBD.

What are the benefits of using CBD e-liquids?

There are many advantages to using CBD e-liquids over other methods of CBD consumption, such as CBD capsules or oils. First of all, CBD e-liquids are easy to use and take with you, which makes them ideal for people with an active lifestyle. Also, vaping CBD is a quick method for CBD to be absorbed by your body, which means you can feel its effects faster.

Now that you know more about the subject, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter and tell you about the range we offer: Marie Jeanne

Marie-Jeanne is a French brand of CBD e-liquid with a strong visual identity: a careful communication, beautifully presented products and imaginative directions that will appeal only to connoisseurs of cannabis and CBD lovers. Beyond the look, the brand seeks to offer the best possible products, with extracts of French hemp, natural fruit flavors or natural CBD of European origin.

On the product side, all e-liquids are made from PG / VG, in different ratios depending on the liquid: generally 80/20, but 50/50 for the Manala for example. CBD dosages range from 5 mg/mL to 60 mg/mL depending on the product, which ultimately gives consumers more options.

Supreme, Authentic, Traditional or Creative, Marie-Jeanne works by collection.

  • The Tradition collection is for lovers of classic flavors, such as tobacco, fresh mint or red fruits :

Red Berries is a red berry cocktail with sweet aromas of various wild fruits and berries. A greedy creation for a vapotage with the scents of fruits of the forest prepared with love.

Fresh Mint has a slightly spicy flavor. Feel the freshness of the mint with each puff. It is distinguished by its refined and natural smell.

Classic N°1 has a dry and round taste in mouth, no doubt that it will convince the amateurs of classic Blond. The purists as for them, will appreciate to find in a CBD liquid all the flavour of a traditional cigarette.

Super Skunk has a woody hemp flavor with earthy and slightly sweet notes. Highly prized for its particular sweet citrus smell, it has quickly established itself as one of the top varieties of hemp.

Amnesia with a sweet hemp flavor, is the best known of the European hemp varieties. It will offer a vapotage to the acidulous flavors due to the mixture of cardamom and limonene.

Lemon Kush comes with a sweet citrus flavor, with this hybrid plant having earthy, non-tart flavors. A soft mixture for a sweet and lemony pleasure which recalls the terpene diversity of the plant of cannabis Sativa.

Malana which is an exceptional Broad Spectrum liquid in a bewitching “black edition” version. Subtle aromatic notes surround this e-liquid with a particular flavor of hemp resin. PG/VG 50/50.

  • The e-liquids Sunset and Sunrise, which make up the Creation collection, take you on a fruity journey, between tropical fruits and autumn berries:

Sunrise is a fruit cocktail that gives you the “peach”. Let yourself be carried away by this marvelous alliance between the summer melon, sweet and juicy, the pineapple, both fresh and slightly acidic and the vine peach, as sweet in the mouth as it is tasty.

Sunset with its fresh fruit flavor, is a sweet blend of wild raspberry, black currant and blackberry, all with a fresh scent.

  • The Experience collection recreates the distinctive flavor of hemp. It brings you a beautiful promise: encapsulate all the scents of hemp, with e-liquids broad spectrum: they carry all the cannabinoids of the plant without THC :

The California gives you an intense sensation when inhaled and flavors that are surreal. A journey to the closest of the notes so smooth of the green gold…

The Colombia intoxicates you with the sweet floral scents of its secret plants. This marriage of exotic hemp and tangy green flowers gives a subtle note to your e-liquid. It will bring you a very green taste giving a feeling of change of scenery and adventure.

The Patagonia brings a powerful and floral aroma that recalls the complexity of the mythical varieties born at the foot of the Andes.

Dilute, boost and vaporize your own CBD liquid! The DIY collection breaks all its formulas to make room for your own creations. Enjoy >99% CBD purity, the widest range of CBD Enhancers available, the brand’s aromatic concentrates via a selection of terpenes and a PG/VG 80/20 Base to create special creations.

With the CBD Booster you can increase the CBD concentration of your usual e-liquid or your home-made mixtures. This product does not contain nicotine and is available in 4 concentrations of CBD per 10ml and 30ml bottle.

Concentrated aromas are added to your creations to enjoy the original flavors of the terpenes selected for each variety of hemp. The flavors are mixed with a base (preferably 80/20 PG/VG) and the recommended dilution percentage is between 10% and 20%.

  • Supreme is a signature collection. 5 flavors and 1 flavor enhancer with hemp flower fruit flavors. The Supreme collection will help you explore all the horizons of CBD e-liquids :

Supreme Purple with a tangy hemp flavor is composed of natural terpenes inspired by the flower. It has an exquisite and incredibly relaxing taste.

Supreme O.G is a perfect blend of natural hemp terpenes. The aftertaste of aromas is as delicious as it is special.

Supreme Mango Blue focuses on tropical flavors like mango mixed with blueberry. Exotic and sunny!

Supreme Custard with a creamy caramel flavor with Madagascar vanilla will enchant you with its sweetness and will satisfy the most gourmet taste buds.

Go to our section e-liquids section to learn more about the characteristics of each Marie Jeanne product.

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