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Looking for a high-end vaporizer? Well, how can we not suggest a Volcano ! It is the reference in the world of luxury vaporizers. Made in Germany, this vaporizer has become a worldwide bestseller thanks to the quality of its materials making it ultra pleasant to use, but especially thanks to the exceptional quality of its extraction system, making the vaping experience unique. But the Volcano is not the only one to fight in this segment! The Stündenglass Gravity Hookah x Dr Greenthumb’s for example, also has strong arguments to make: with a design and a crazy elegance that could make it look like a decorative object, it has plenty to make the competition swoon, it is used as a Bang and as a chicha and is therefore equipped with many accessories to customize its use, at CANNAHOUSEwe have fallen in love with the different vaporization possibilities offered by the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah x Dr Greenthumb’sbelieve us, it is worth the detour.



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